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Hey DQKaren, glad you don’t have any ants right now. Since you are looking for something safe and discrete I recommend our Combat Source Kill Max Gels. They contain water and food that are extremely attractive to ants. The gel can be applied in cracks and crevices where insects like to hide it comes in a syringe so you can easily apply it.
Hey Karen, did you use sprays with the ant baits? If so, that will cause the baits not to work. I also recommend trying our Source Kill Max ant baits, it also comes in gel form and begins killing in hours and will work to destroy the ant colony within 3-5 days.
Wow Elaine! I’m glad our Combat ant gel worked out for you! That’s a great place for putting gel and it proved to be effective. We also have Combat Liquid Ant Baits. It mimics ants’ natural food sources, so ants ingest more bait when feeding on this liquid bait. You can use it to prevent the ants from coming back. What Combat product did you use?
Has anyone here tried our Combat Source Kill Max gels? If so how did they work for you?
Do you use aerosol sprays instead of baits? Sprays only kill the bugs that you see and spray on. Did you know that when you see one cockroach, there are usually at least more hiding somewhere else in your home?
I really liked Full House, I used to watch it everyday! I think it still might be on every now and then!
LOL I have actually heard some of these songs!
not me, I live in southern California but I can see how that is a problem.
LOL I really hope that he did only break something haha
Hi guys new member from southern california here! nice to meet you all!
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