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Not pregnant (tested negative). But still curious about the answer to this one LOL.
My period is weird. For a week I spot. I only see anything when I wipe, and it's barely anything. Then I have my regular 5 day period. Um. Is it considered the first day of my period on the day I start spotting or the day I start bleeding? What's the chance of getting pregnant on the first day I start spotting?
My mom's name is Darci Lanese -- Kiera was named for her (Kiera Lanese). Nicole is the only one not named for family. Kylie Ann Marie - Ann (my sister, Nana, Grandma, and ex-DH's sister's middle name) Marie (My step grandma, youngest sister, and ex's mom's middle name).
I'm so sorry!
I'm in my second week of school at Kaplan University (online) . I'm going for my Bachelors in Legal Science, and once I complete that, I'll transfer to Concord Law.
Does it sound awful that life after divorce is absolutely AMAZING? LOL. Within a week of separating from Daniel, I felt a HUGE sense of relief. Now, a year and a half later, I'm happier than I've ever been. I'm more confident too. I used to be terrified of driving, but now I have no issues. And I'm back in school. The things that I know I can do now compared to everything I knew I couldn't do then, the difference is amazing. What about everyone else? How is life after...
Oh how scary!
The black one is TJ. He's a black lab/pit bull mix. Bryan got him from a friend, who rescued him from Tijuana when he was tiny enough for her to smuggle across the border in her purse. Bryan calls him his illegal immigrant LOL. The little one is Sophie. She's Jack Russell/Pit mix. The pic of Nicole sleeping on her -- she stayed like that for an hour! The day after we got her, I'd put her on the patio while I showered (we're in the second story) and when I got out I found...
Yep, I say one nap too! That's about the age all 3 of mine switched to once a day.
How old is she? My sister had ulcers when she was younger. Actually still does, she's a very high-stress person. Poor Kiddo. I hope the doctors figure it out!
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