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I hear you grace.  I have a bin myself from recycled pail that has a hole in the bottom.  I covered it with a lid but it still gets very wet when it rains, and you're supposed to wet it from time to time only.   I'm also confused on what to do.
Wow!  Very creative.  Love the hanging candle holder idea.  Thanks!
Thanks for the link spaggie!  It very helpful.  Love the ideas!:)
I have an Areca Palm too Grace.  It's not planted in direct sunlight but It grows pretty well.  Pothos can also tolerate low lights as the article says.  And it's nice coz of it's bright color.
Hi Elaine! Yup I agree with you!  Bulbs should be planted as soon as the ground is cool.  But I suggest you plant it in your part of the garden where the soil drains well.  As the Dutch say, "Bulbs don't like wet feet."  Bulbs also like sun. Goodluck!  Post some picture of your tulips when it blooms :)  
Hi Spaggie! Thanks for the link:) Love all the ideas especially the hanging baskets! Will look for nylon cords to replace the hangers;)
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