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My Baby Sleeps At Night

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My Baby Sleeps At Night

The day a couple finds out that they are pregnant is filled with joy and excitement…soon to be followed by nine months of planning. Like many of you I too spent countless hours conjuring ideas for how I would raise my child, what I would teach him, what kind of parent would I be, what would this first year be like as a new parent, and how I would learn to cope with this new life that depended on his parents to teach him everything the world had to offer. I found during my pregnancy and after delivery that one of the most common fears and issues among parents of infants and babies that I met was the dreaded sleeping schedule. For many parents the only time of peace and recuperation with a small child are those few hours once their baby is in bed. This is a time to look forward to after a hard day of parenting, because let’s face it, raising a newborn/small baby is not always sweet. Some days are filled with tears, guilt, and being just plain tired. Now just think of how comforting that time would be if your baby slept soundly through the night and you knew just when your relief for the day would come. With this idea as my motivation, I nurtured a plan that taught my 5 month old how to self soothe to sleep and more importantly to sleep through the night in less than two weeks.

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