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Lost 4 Pregnancies b/t 7-10 weeks

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My wife and I are losing hope, and I found this website with hopes that someone out there might be able to share some advice. We have no problem getting pregnant, but she can't maintain the pregnancy. We have done all the tests, been to a specialist, going to get another opinion...does anyone have ANY suggestions? We desperately want a family...
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Have they checked her hormone levels? I had to do the hormone pills and suppositories to maintain my pregnancy.

I don't know what to tell you... you are going to all the specialists and getting a 2nd opinion. That's exactly what I'd do. Good luck to you. I wish you success soon.
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I am the same as Kim. Had 1 child then lost 2 then the 4th had to do hormones and what not. Have they checked her prgesterone levels?
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I haev never been in your shoes, but I am sure you all can get some great tips and advice here....Good luck to you both
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Thanks for all of the encouraging words..they checked everything..on the 3rd pregnancy she did the progesterone..didn't's almost as if something in her blood/body is attacking the fetus...I am hopeful SOMEONE out there has been in our shoes. I am writing down everything all of you have present it to the 2nd opinion specialist we will see on Nov. 2. Thanks again.
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I had a friend who has one child already the pregnancy I believe was no problem but now they have tried and tried many time to have another. I'm not exactually sure of what cause it but for some reason her and the husbands blood don't mix. So everytime she gets pregnant her body will miscarry because it does fight off the baby because of the blood. It's kind of a touchy subject for her so I can't really ask her more but maybe you could check with your Dr's to be sure your blood types are compatable? I wish you lots of luck!!!
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Hmm.... I did progesterone and estrogen (estrace). Could it be something to do with Rh factors? I'm not an immunologist, but it sounds as if it could be related? They must have done what they call a "sticky" test.... where they do a uterine lining biopsy and test it to make sure it can hold & nourish a pregnancy?

Just thinking out loud here. I hope they can find something soon to help you all. Good luck.
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i have a friend that sounds like you and your wife, her body saw the baby as 'unknown' and would miscarry, something about antibodies, and her mom said it was rare. i' not sure how but she did manage to carry one baby to term. he is now in grade two

good luck!
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You know, I have never heard of the "sticky test"...I'm writing that down too! I think the blood chemistry sounds very reasonable...I can't believe that they would NOT have tested that...hmmmm.
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I keep forgetting to add that with this last pregnancy she tied they were going to give the baby a blood transplant around 12 or 18 weeks. I really wish I knew more. I hope we have given you some new ideas to ask the DR's.
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I'm thinking they need to take a good look at Rh factor.
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Thanks...that'll be my next target.
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I'll try to find the "official" name for the "sticky" test. I can't remember it offhand....
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Perhaps this site might help give you some ideas. I don't know what tests she has or hasn't had, but these are some of the basics. I'll do some further searches and see what else I can come up with.
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Thank you very kindly!
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Lupe's friend sounds like her problem is the Rh factor thing. Isn't that where your body will accept the first pregnancy but will try to attack and kill off any following pregnancies?
I remember being told about it at my OB apts. There was a treatment that they could do during pregnancy to avoid it though I thought.
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I was thinking it sounded like a Rh factor to me also. My sister is Rh negative, but she has 3 kids, and lost 1 pregnancy. They always give her a shot early on to make sure she can carry the baby.
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I read your post. I cannot make it to full term in my pregancies.
I have miscarried twice and in my last pregnancy I had my son prematurely at 30-31 weeks.

In my case they believe my diabetes is to blame but they are not sure. I hope that you and your wife can find answers.
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Also, another thought..... Have they done any tests on you? I mean, have they checked your swimmers to make sure that they are OK? Seriously.... sometimes it can be the sperm that even though the egg has been fertilized, the pregnancy can be lost due to some deficiency. I'm definitely not a Fertility specialist and maybe I'm just grasping at straws.... Just a thought.... Keep us posted on how things are going.
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I definitely will...and no, they haven't tested the sperm...but have done all the chromosomal test, and blood work...I 'll keep you posted.
-Desperate but hopeful, from Dallas
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