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The What's Worse Game

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I'm going to ask a what's worse question. The next person needs to answer my question and then post a question of their own. Questions can cover any topic/area but have to pose the "What's Worse?" question.

What is worse?
No coffee or No toilet paper?
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Easy No coffee!!!

What's worse?

No tunes or no TV?
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No tunes

A BIG ugly spider or a little mouse?
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little mouse

A bad breath or BO
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Bees or snakes?
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What is worse
Snow or no snow?
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What's worse cold soup or hot coke?
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Cold soup!

A hangover or the flu?
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no internet or no cable?
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No Internet !
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Me ! Forgot the question....

No A/c or No heat?
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no heat

strep throat or pink eye?
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strep throat

No salt or No pepper?
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No salt!

No shampoo or no soap?
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No shampoo!

No washine machine or no furnace????
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No furnace!!!

No clean under ware or no clean bra!
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sick husband or sick kids???
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sick husband!!!

cold rain or snow?
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cold rain

shovel snow? or mow lawn?
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shovel snow

Classical music or bluegrass?
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classical music!

What's worse, Drowing or burning?
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What is worse having sticks and stones thrown at you or being talked about and made fun of? (Sorry did not mean to start anything but this is a Worse game)
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Talked about and made fun of!
What is worse, being too hot, or being too cold?
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Being too cold. Unless you're pregnant that is!

Barney or the Wiggles?
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Barry Manilow or Don Ho
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I'll say Don Ho. (don't know who he is)

Too much sugar in the Koolaid or not enough?
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Too much sugar

Liver or Spinach
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Dieting or excercising?
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A cheater or a liar?
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Hurricane or a Tornado?
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