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Mopping or Vaccuming?
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lima beans or lentils
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Lima beans!

Gas or diahrrea?
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Sinus infection or bladder infection???

WHERE do I get this crap from?
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Middle School/Junior High or High School?
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Posted at the same time.
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I'll answer both...
sinus infection
high school

What's worse:
Losing your house to fire or flood?
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I am going to say fire.
What is worse Can not talk or being deaf?
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Cannot talk

What is worse
Puke or Poop
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What's worse?
No deodorant or No razor?
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No deodarant! ( i rarely shave anymroe anyway!! )

Whats worse:
seeing your next door neighbor naked or your MIL/FIL naked?
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OOP's--forgot to post a question.

No electricity or no water?
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No Electricity!

What's worse....
No milk or no Bread
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No bread!

What's worse ~ kids running nose or poopy bum?
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runny nose

cleaning toilets or cleaning dishes (by hand)?
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Cleaning toilets !

Overcooked or undercooked food ?
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Eating too much or not eating enough?
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Eating too much!

Dog poop or baby poop?
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Dog poop

rap or polka
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Chuck E Cheese or McDonalds
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awwwww man Bonnie! Thats a tough one! LOL

Buutt.... Polka..

no toothpaste or no toothbrush??
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LOL little slow on that one.. sorry Dawn!

Chuck E Cheese DEFINITELY worse!! LOL
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No toothpaste... I'll use a washcloth

Child's lost shoe or favorite stuffed animal
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Stuffed animal !

Same video over and over or same CD ?
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Rain for a week or real hot and humid?
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Rain for a week

A screaming child or a whiney husband
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Whiney husband, I can tone out the children
What is worse Caffeine or no Caffeine
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No Caffiene!!! LOL

having the TV to where you can hardly hear a thing or having it blast your ears off??
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I rather have it soft.
What is worse Smelly Feet or smelly arm pits?
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