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Smelly Arm Pits!

What's worse...
Worms or spiders
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Worms they are just gross
What is worse a Lemon or a lime?
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I like them both! Lime I guess!

What is worse...

Finding a sippy cup with chunks of spoiled milk (did this today ) or finding a sippy cup with mold growing in it?
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What's worse:
Looking in the mirror while out and discovering you have a giant bugger hanging or discovering something stuck in your teeth?
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The boogie!

Misspelled words or bad grammar?
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Oooh ... close one!

Bad grammar!

What's worse?

No dishwasher or No microwave?
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Too Warm! (I can always put on more clothes)

rude people or mean people
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Mean people
What is worse
Bird doo on a newly washed car or bird doo on a car that needs to be washed?
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Newly washed car!

What's worse...
Food that smells bad or food that looks bad
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Food that looks bad.
What is worse? No telephone or no television?
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Running out of gas

What is worse---

runny nose or crusty nose?
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Depends on the child!

I'd have to go with can't find the baby's binki (since DD is a co-dependant)

what's worse:
washing dishes or doing laundry?
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Both, okay dishes for me.
What is worse.
Sorting socks or putting the laundry away?
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Putting the laundry away!

What's worse?

Dental work or a Pap Smear?
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Pap smear.

A visitor who does not realize the party is over and won't leave, or someone who will not get off the phone with you?
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A visitor who does not realize the party is over and won't leave

Whining children or Whining DH?
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Whining Children!

What's worse....
Bad Hair Day or Fat day?
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Fat Day I guess
What is worse. Kids not doing what they are told or smarting off to you?
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smarting off

What is worse. Weather (temperature) above 100 or below 0.
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above 100. I can always add clothing, there is just so much you can take off without being arrested.


Waiting or and anticlimactic ending?
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Waiting! I am sooo impatient!

What's worse?

While barefoot stepping in something sticky or stepping in something gooey?
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What's worse

Doing a good job and have no one notice, or doing a bad job and have no one notice?
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Doing a good job and having no one notice. Everyone notices when I do it badly...

What's worse...
Hangnail or papercut?
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What is worse? No Christmas Cards or No Valentine's Day Cards
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No Christmas cards!

What is worse...
Stale chips or stale popcorn?
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Stale Chips
What is worse Dust everywere or dog hair everywhere?
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Dog hair everywhere?

What is worse Spinach or Brussel Sprouts?
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Mmmm I like both but okay Spinach
What is worse cleaning up your computer or cleaning up your desk?
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Cleaning up my desk!

What is worse dry scalp or chapped hands?
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dry scalp!

What is microwave or no stove
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