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No stove is worse! Been there done that!

Which is worse...
A trashcan for your birthday or a candybar?
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picking up dog muck or cleaning litter tray
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picking up dog muck

What worse diarreah or constipation?
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Diarreah, for sure!

What's worse, baby poop or baby spit up?
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Baby poop !

Blizzards or freezing rain ?
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Baby Poop

What's worse not heat or no air-conditioning.
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Freezing rain

No heat

What's worse - a teenager or a toddler?
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A teenager

What's worse cleaning the kitchen or the bathroom?
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What's worse - being old or being fat?
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being fat. Everybody gets old.

What's worse? Eating your kids' or your dh's cooking?
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Eating the kid's cooking.

What's worse - being locked out of the house or out of the car?
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