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How long?

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How long after your loss did you start TTC again?
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we started right away...
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We started after three months. (Doctor's orders)
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My doctor advised to wait until I've had one good period so that my body has had time to heal and then we can start trying, if we are mentally and emotionally ready. I'm thinking we'll start TTC as soon as that happens unless getting my period sets me and/or Billy back emotional-wise.
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My Dr told us to wait 4-6 mos.
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I think everyone is different. My sil lost her baby almost 4 years ago and still has not ttc another. Each situation is so different. I think only you will know when you are ready. I think it is important to wait until you are emotionally and physically ready... I guess as much as you can be.
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Thanks Tonya.
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My doctor said to wait until after one period. We didn't actually try though until 3 months later and it worked on the first try.
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You guys are a fertile couple!
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i have heard three months a from people i know here,

i like Tonya's answer though, whenever you and Billy feel you are ready.
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We started immediately. It still took us a year to get pregnant with Kate, but you are younger and in good health, so it might not be nearly as long for you.
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I'm not that much younger! I'm a young 34.
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I thought you were in your 20s.
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