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How did you know you were ready to begin TTC again?
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For me it wasn't that I knew I was ready to TTC but instead that I was done. It was just a feeling and I knew that I wasn't going to have any more babies.
I always said that I wasn't going to have anymore after Zach and then we got a some-what scary but pleasant surprise when we got pregnant with Asher. After we lost her I knew I wasn't going to try again. I loved her but she was gone and I didn't feel a need to try to replace the empty spot she left. Very hard to explain.
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We just knew we wanted to start trying again as soon as the doctor gave the okay. Of course, we found out we are expecting before then and we're thrilled.

Elaine, I completely understand what you mean, even though you don't need to feel like you have to explain.
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We knew right away that we wanted to try again.... I was thinking about waiting a year but it happened a lot sooner than expected.
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We just waited the three months the doctor recommended each time. We really wanted to have a baby and didn't want to waste any time. (Took us 4 years and three miscarriages to have first DS)
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