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Question for those ladies who've miscarried

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How long after a miscarriage would you expect to get a false positive on a home pregnancy test?

Yep, you guessed it - I took an HPT this morning, and got a big fat + on it. But I'm worried that it could be false, because I miscarried back in October. The nurse tells me that odds are, it's not false. I'm probably going in for labs this afternoon to figure out exactly what's going on.

Big thing is, I have no idea how far along I could be, because I've had no period since the miscarriage. Most likely, it's about 3-4 weeks, though, based on how I'm feeling. Can you imagine - the first symptom I had was a strong aversion to chocolate... For the past week, my have been tender, too.

Keep your fingers crossed for me. If the labs come back positive, the doc's gonna start me on progesterone, I think, just in case. I'm not gonna relax until I hear a heartbeat, though.
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WOW Congrats!!!! I don't have an answer to your ? but I think that the positive it probably right. I remembe reading something about how long the hormone last in your system and I don't think it was that long.
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That's great! I don't think that the hormones would still show a + after that long. Let's us know what's going on and how everything turns out.
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I know after my first MC they did a d&c and blood work a week later to make sure my levels had come back down. After the second they just kept watching my levels to come back down on thier own. But I would think 3 months later chances are better that it is + bc you are pregnant and not still having HCG in your system from the prev one.
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What Becky said !
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Congratulations Judy! I agree with what the other ladies say. Keep us posted.
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i agree with everyone that it is probably a true positive!!

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That sounds like a positive to me, Judy! Congrats! When do you see the doctor???
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I'm still waiting for a call back from the doc's office, to determine if we're ordering labs, setting an appointment, or what. If I haven't heard from them by tomorrow afternoon, I'm going to call the office again.

I'm cautiously optimistic. If this is a pregnancy, it just feels different than the miscarriages. It's hard to explain. But I will remain completely paranoid until I see a baby or hear a heartbeat, whichever comes first (and even then, I'll still be paranoid. )
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I can totally understand why you are paranoid. I would be too. I wish you the best.
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Congratulations Judy. Your feeling are completely understandable.
Keep us updated!
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Congratulations Judy!
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It took 5 blood test for mine to come back down after my first MC (I had to go twice a week) about 2 and a half weeks and at almost 12 weeks my levels should have been pretty high, so If the test said + I would bet you are PG. Good Luck!!!
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I miscarried the end of November and got a postivie hpt this past weekend, so I'm in the same boat as you! I KNOW I'm pregnant from the nausea and tiredness I've had the last week or so. And I also have no idea how far along I am. Mysterious things happen! Like you, I won't be able to relax at all until I hear the heartbeat and get to see my little one.

Congratulations to you!
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Congrats! My doctor told me that it would probably take one cycle until a test came back negative. I still felt pregnant a month after miscarrying and I took a test and it came back negative at that time.
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