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NEW GAME: See the Letters

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OK. Here's how it goes. Starting with "A" and working through the alphabet, name a word that is in your field of vision AT THIS MOMENT. If there is nothing with that particular letter in your field of vision, you have to let someone else go. K?

Here goes:

"A" - Angel figurine given to me for my last birthday by my son Brian.

Who's got a "B"?
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B - Beadwork Magazine
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Lori we posted at the same time!

OK computer
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Anyone have a "C"...Oh for DUH!

Someone me please?????

! (think about it.)
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F= fish
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G - Empty Gerber Baby Food Jar
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I should have said:

G - Gerber Baby Food
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back track to "C" Chuckles the Cat!

"H" HP photosmart 7960
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G Gold Ring Des gave me for xmas
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I Instant messenger. I am chatting with Court right now.
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J- joke book
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Kodak camera
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L[]/b]-Laminating Film. (I'm at work!)
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OK--I'm a moron. Can't type!
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M - Messy Kitchen!
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N - Nail polish
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O - Oven
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Q ~ Quilt
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R - Raindeer hat Brandon made in school
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S - Shona. I can see my reflection in my glass LOL

if that doesn't counts hmmm... soda. There is a can of Soda right beside me.
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T Teddy Bears

I have 3 on my computer desk (they keep the dragons and wizards company )
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U-umbrella (in my new bag that has a special pocked for that and another for my cell phone)
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W.......Water in my glass
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oops I should have done V not W sorry....guess I don't know my alphabet quite yet
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V - Violets on my Basket Liner
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X- (ok, I'm gonna push the envelope with this one)

x-rated touch
(Did I mention DH was lookin' over my shoulder?)
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