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helped you get through your loss. Did you read any books that helped and offered good advice and direction? What was most helpful coming from others?
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It was a mix of things that helped me through but I did spend weeks seeking out information online and reading other mother's stories of stillbirth. A national organization called SHARE was a big help also.
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I did the same as Elaine. Plus I came here and talked to women who'd been through the same thing.
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This site was a big help. I could just post and get my feelings out without thinking I am starting to get on someone's nerves. If they didn't want to hear about it anymore, they had the easy choice not to read my posts. That gave me permission to talk about it as much as I felt I needed.
I also found strength in a friend who helped me keep busy, and amazingly, my husband was much more in pain than I thought. Knowing he suffered, too, and knowing he feels with me was a big revelation.
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I read several good books. One was called Empty Arms. I also got a lot of support from sites like this. I met a great girl who lost a baby the day after me. We've become great friends and talk almost every day. It was good to know you weren't alone. I also got a lot of support from my church family.
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