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Those other women have NOTHING on me!
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Know how many posts I have to do to catch up to Michele?
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Alot so you better get on a roll
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I am not talking just smilies either... Real caht is involved here...
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Am I am going to have to keep up with her while she is on
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And double post when she is not here...
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Morning my Baby U, Last Woman Standing.
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Hey Annie, this post is locked because Jannie won. We can still post here though because we are CLs.
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I am a goof. WTG Jannie. Elaine so you and I can have private chats.
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Yep! And nobody can join us neener neener neener! Okay so maybe a few people can.
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I know what you mean, but it would be fun to have a private post so we could just talk. I know we best quit this, they will all get jealous of us posting here.
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No private chatting for you Annie! I see you!
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I see you too Becca.
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