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I love scrapbooking!

TNPTP has an older sister.
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I have an older sister. She is my stepsister, but we grew up together, so I count her.

TNPTP graduated from high school in 1992.
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That leaves ME out!
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Same here, Luann !
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me too
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Me too unless I can pretend I am four years younger!
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I am too young to I graduated in 97
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you are under 10 years by me!
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I graduated 5 years prior to 1992.
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No on graduated in 1992?
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It doesn't look like wanna pick a new TNPTP or should it be the person who stumped us? or wait....just a sec...
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I'll do it!

TNPTP has a cell phone
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I have a cell phone (that I wanna launch out the window).

TNPTP "enhances" (colors) her hair.
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I like the word "enhances" better!

I've never colored my hair to date, but we'll see when those greys start appearing!
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I enhance my hair and always will. As long as I can get to a hair salon or a drug store, it will be done!

TNPTP doesn't wear her wedding ring every day.
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I dont wear my wedding ring everyday!
TNPTP is still in their PJ's!
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From this morning!
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That is usually me, but not today!
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I'm getting ready to get back into them!
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I was sick all day, so Jammies all day for me!

TNPTP was a cheerleader (HS or College).
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No cheerleaders? (I wasn't one)
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Ok... I was a cheerleader, both HS and college. A mascot specifically in college.

Hmmmm.... Let me think.....

TNPTP has a child starting school this fall.
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I have a child starting school this fall.

TNPTP has a child about to hit the terrible twos.
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I have one in the terrible twos, and another one in a year!
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TNPTP Lori????
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Liv is starting to throw fits, but I don't think that counts.
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I have a child reaching the terrible 2's....she throws herself full body on the floor kicking and screaming!

TNPTP has pop tarts in their house!
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I do
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ME Me Me I am A SAHM!!!

TNPTP is a packer fan.
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I'm a WOLFpacker!

TNPTP has had fruit today.
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