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How long?

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After your loss did you decide to TTC again? Did you wait like the Dr suggested, or try right away? Did you tell people you were going to TTC again?
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After I had my miscarriage (b4 I got preggers with Rach) the Dr told me to wait 3 months to TTC, but I was so heartbroken, I didn't do anything to hamper a future pregnancy, although I guess we didn't try too hard either, b/c it took almost a year to ger preggers with Rach. We didn't tell anyone we were trying again, but I think MIL kind of knew.
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We waited 3 months after MC #1 and 2, but I got pregnant about 1 month after MC #3. That's the first pregnancy I carried full term. (Darien) Everyone knew we were trying to get pregnant. (I didn't hide it) Of course, by time we got pregnant for Darien, no one was talking about it anymore. (We'd been trying for 4 years)
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No, I just let nature take it's coarse.
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The first time we started right away. This time, I had some health concerns (minor) that I wanted cleared up first, so we'll probably wait the two months to start ttcing again as reccommended.
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We weren't really trying so soon but it was a little over 3 months afterward.
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I didnt wait, but i didnt really try either. I miscarried in july and found out i was 5 weeks pregnant in september...A welcomed surprise.
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We aren't currently trying. We want to get married before TTC again, as we weren't actively TTC when we M/C earlier this year.
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