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What is a good fish

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My son has told me that he likes to eat fish at school and I have started to make so fish like fish stick and popcron fish at home. But I HATE fish and I cant eat shelled seafood. But I wanted to try fish but I dont want a fishy tasting one. Can someone tell what a good fish to start with?
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Dawn would be the best person to ask this question to. She has the same issue with the "fishy" flavor.
I personally like Tilapia more than anything.
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I like catfish, if you soak them in milk first. Salmon also have turned out to be pretty good. Walmart has these little frozen salmon steaks that are $1 each and are plenty for one person. In our store, they are next to the frozen shrimp in a little black packet.

My absolute favorite is tuna steak, but it is pretty costly. I sometimes pick up the tuna steaks that are vacuum packed over in the department with the canned tuna. They aren't bad, but aren't nearly as good as the real thing.

We've tried Cod and IMO, it was TOO bland.

Mostly, I think it's in the seasoning. I have a couple of things I've bought like a Mesquite seasoning, some type of cajun rub, a citrus mesquite, and lemon pepper. I just spray with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, then sprinkle with the seasoning and grill.

I also like to mix up a batter of whole wheat flour, spices, and a little corn meal. I dip the fish in egg white, then the flour mix and bake in the oven. So good I don't miss the greasy fried stuff!
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Tilapia is very good too.

We love perch here. I take the frozen patties and melt butter on top and sprinkle dill on them and bake till flakey.
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Other than the salmon, I haven't found a frozen fish that I liked. I bought flounder and cod and they both just literally turned to mush when they were cooked! Wonder what I did wrong???
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I love salmon and cod. I usually just bake both of them with lots of seasoning. My favorite way is to put a little butter spray on them, coat with blackened seasoning and bake. I usually leave mine in longer than the normal because I like mine dry.
I also have a BBQ rub that I will use sometimes that is really good.
I eat fish a couple times a week and I HATE that typical fishy taste/smell.

I occasionally get Red Snapper (my favorite when we go out to eat) but it does not bake as easily for me so I stick to salmon and cod.
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Orange ruffie


Love it! Light flavor, doesn't taste fishy to me.
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Flounder and grouper are very good and not fishy. They are a white flaky fish. You can dredge in milk and then bread crumbs or flower and fry and it is very good. We also eat tuna and mahi, both are not fishy, but kind of pricey.
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My absolutely FAVORITE is stuffed cod.
I buy it stuffed from Shaws.

I'm trying to get more into fish myself... and this one is sooo good!
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