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Do you ever feel like...

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giving up hope?

I often do since my last miscarriage.
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Thanks, Nikki.
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Yes. After TTC for 4 years and having my third miscarriage, I just wanted to throw in the towel. I was not real thrilled to be pregnant with Darien, since I thought I would miscarry anyway.

I hope you are able to get pregnant and carry a baby full term soon.
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thanks, Lori. That's exactly how I feel. Even if I get pregnant will it last? Or will I just be heartbroken again?
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I am sorry. I know you want this second one but also hug the one you have I have been through the loss of one and know how heart breaking it is.
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It took us three years to concieve Zachary and now look-boom! boom! boom! three more after he was born no problem!
When we were TTC it was so disheartening and depressing but I never gave up hope actually, but I think that my faith in God is what kept me strong.
I hope that you can find hope again Lenora.
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Our daughter was stillborn at 42 weeks--the day before my induction b/c I was overdue. I really struggled after that while ttc. Since it was a fullterm birth my cycles were crazy. I had to wait to stop bleeding, then spotting, then for ppaf. It was a daily struggle. We decided with my ob to seek intervention and opted for iui. It took us two cycles of IUI but it worked. Then the was the longest 38 weeks. Since I had a full term loss I was worried the whole time. It wasn't until he was a few months old that I felt myself relax. I know what you're feeling is normal. I just don't think that after a loss you can go back to thinking everything will always be ok. I know I tried to but my second pregnancy was different. I had to really concentrate on enjoying it. We're hoping to have another baby so I'll be right there with you. I think it might be even harder after having one baby already b/c you know what you're missing.
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I can sympathize, Lenora.

I've had 5 miscarriages since having Joey. I have decided that I'm not giving up hope, but I'm not going to make a special effort anymore. My cycles have somewhat normalized, and I have a rough idea of when O is, but I'm not going to center my life around it anymore. It will happen when it happens.

PM me if you want to talk. I don't know what help I can be, but I'm willing to try.
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It's nice to know there are others who know how I feel.
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lenora hon i definately know i had two normal pregnancies then i had a m/c then i got pregg agian i was scared to death dh couldnt even touch me for several monthes with out me freaking out (we had just gotten done with when i started my m/c) so i was scared also i was scared to get my hopes up that i wouldnt loose him but now i have an almost three yr old so i knwo that it will happen when the time is right i just hope its soon for ya
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