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When is meatloaf done????

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How do I know if my meatloaf is done???

I made 2 meat loaves today..

The first one looks really good. The second one I think I may have put a tad too much water inand not quite enough bread crumbs in.. it was REALLY liquidy (is that even a word???)

I dumped some of the liquid out so I'm hoping it would 'dry' out a bit.

PS~ this is my first time making meatloaf! Can't ya tell?
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when the core temperature reaches 160 degrees I made meatloafs the otehr night and they had alot of greese in em. I just cut it open if Im not sure and peek at it.

My first meatloaf I made was a disaster!
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When in doubt, I use a meat thermometor. It has the settings marked for the temperatures for several different types of meat. Good luck!
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When I make meatloaf it usually takes 1 hour at 350 degrees. I use two pounds of meat though since I have so many people to feed. I am not sure how long it would take with less.
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When is the meatloaf done? When the SMOKE DETECTOR goes off!

Just kidding.... couldn't help myself!
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I figgered it out.

Not quite 'smoke detector style' but... the second one got close!
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i usually end up cutting them in half to figure it out

how did they taste?
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Super yummy!!!

I made a BBQ meatloaf.. and a regular one with ketchup!

The best one was the BBQ one!!!
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Now you have to post your recipe.
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