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I am somewhat confused...

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I started miscarrying on September 23, but at that point my BHCG levels were still way up at 12,000 on September 27th.. On October 11th they went down to 53, so I assume they were at zero maybe two days later. I also stopped bleeding pretty much around October 10th.
So here is the part that kinda confuses me. When can expect AF to show up, and when would I be ovulating again?

I read somewhere online you start ovulating about 14 days after a D&C, so do I expect to start a regular cycle when my levels were back at zero? But your levels don't drop to zero immediately after D&C, so is AF showing up even earlier?

And with our fun last night with no protection, when should I start worrying if AF has not come yet? (ok, when should I start getting my hope up would be more appropriate, but hey)
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Mine went back to it's regular cycle almost immediately. I would count the first day after it stopped as cd1.
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Did you need a D&C or was your body able to do it on it's own? I bled for over 3 weeks, and I heard normally you only bleed about one, so I feel completely screwed up. I feel like I had three periods and should get a 3 months rest LOL
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With my first, I MC'ed at 11 weeks, 6 days. I had to do about 6 blood drawls before my levels hit under 5. I bled for about 2 weeks, and got a normal AF about 3 weeks after the bleeding stopped. I think the last blood drawl was about a week before AF came(fair warning the first AF after is emotionally least it was for me both times ). It is differant for everyone, and it was a little differant the second time, but I can't give you details on that cause I was emotionally gone for a good while after that. If you don't see AF by 6 weeks post-MC I would test or call my doctor.
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