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How do you cook a 6 lb ham?

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I got a 6 lb ham for 8.00 at the store and Russ would like it for supper. I have never cooked any hams but a precooked. How long do I have to cook this and on what setting? HELP
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I personally like to grill mine, but we are kind of strange that way

So this is not a precooked ham? If not, it's going to come out a little differently. Is it a smoked ham?
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Its a smithfields smoked ham shank and it says it is not precooked
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I found this on the Smithfields website:

When I googled it, I got all these ads for buying Smithfield Hams on eBay. Ummm ... I don't think so!
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Wow... I'm surprised they don't have a little blurb about basic cooking requirements on the label/packaging. Most I have seen do.

I usually put mine in a nesco roaster, put diced pineapple on it and occasionally marinade it with ginger ale. Sounds weird, but it's SOOOOOO yummy. I just use a meat thermometer to check if it's done.

Good luck!
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Oh that sounds really good Kimmer! My mom used to use orange marmalade, but I just wasn't sure about the actual cooking instructions. I'm lazy, so I always get the pre-cooked stuff!

I've also heard there's a recipe where you use Coke or Dr. Pepper to marinade! Anyone tried that one?
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I would pour some coke over it, coat it in brown sugar, wrap it in foil, put it in a pan and cook it one hour for every pound.
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In addition to the coke and brown sugar, you can also do what Kim said and stick pineapple slices on it using toothpicks and you can use oj instead of coke, but I prefer Coke.
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I have got it going the instructions were on the inside and I used pineapple juice I am outta pineapple
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I take and make diamond cuts on the outside then place about 12 cloves in the x part. Put brown sugar on the outside and then pour mt.dew over it. Cook 20 minutes per pound at like 325.

Comes out mnnn mnnnn good.
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