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Best LeapPad for a 2.5 year old

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We have decided that Santa is going to bring Kate some blocks and LeapPad products. What is the best LeapPad for a child her age? She'll be turning 3 in April, so I don't want to get something she'll be sick of in a few months. I thought maybe the LeapPad Bus. What do you think?
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We had that, but couldn't get Cody to use it. TJ would probably love it now, but we ditched it at a yard sale I think. I'd probably go for one of the Leappads or maybe the ABC magnets. They come with a video I think and talk.

The Leapster is awesome ... but she probably won't be ready for it for another year.
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We have the ABC refridgerator magnets and were thinking of getting the numbers one.
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I would get the My First LeapPad. She probably won't be too interested in anything more than making it make noises at first but she can grow into it and use it for another few years.
It has the books and a pen that you can run across the words and make it read the story to you or you can play a simple game on each page like tracing a line or picking out simple letters, animals, or shapes... oh I think each page plays some sort of music too. It has been a while since we had one.
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You can always look at the leappad videos for her. Liz loves them, and so does Nick....well ok we only have one.....and it is worn out. It got scratched so it won't play anymore.....but the kids both loved it. Liz learned a lot from it
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I didn't know about the videos. We really need to get that van back and head out to Toys R Us. I thought about the My First LeapPad too. But you know this LeapPad stuff is kind of confusing. I wish they just made one pad for all ages and you just switched out the books as your kid got older. Now, I have to figure out what goes with what and I haven't been at this LeapPad stuff very long. In fact, confusion over the products (because each book goes with a specific pad and no other), is why I haven't messed with LeapPad products before. But now she has one and loves it, so I guess I'm going to learn.
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If you buy the "older" leap pad (the one for the old kids) alot of the "younger" books work in it. I got Lyssa a Leap Pad when she was 2. Every now and then she plays with it. I should ahve waited a year and I would have gotten her a Leap pad plus writting so she could use it to practice the alphabet and such.

We have the Leap Pad DVD's and Lyssa LOVES them. They really helpped her learn her alphabet and they have a song for the alphabet that to this day Lyssa will still sing. (we sing together in the car when no one else is around too!
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Brianna has the My First LeapPad and she loves it. We are getting more books for her for Christmas.
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Hi there.


My mom just bought my 2yr old the leap pad 2 explorer and I'm looking for suggestions as to apps/eBooks/cartridges to purchase for her to have it ready to go to use when she opens it on her birthday next month. What is the video you spoke of with the alphabet song that you said helped her learn? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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