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HCG question

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HI BabyUer's
I know I havent been here in a looooong time, mostly because I have been so busy with work and the kids, Kaydence is such a handful. It was nice to pop on and see how everyone is doing,,,,, so I've got a question
Yes I am pregnant again happy happy
I had my Hcg done yesterday and it was 27,000, according to my LMP I am 7 weeks today. Now I have read the charts and I fall into the normal category but the HCG is high compared to what my other pregnancies were,
Can anyone recall what their HCG was around 7weeks? I know everyone is different but I am just curious
Thanks for any help
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I don't know. I never had mine done. Sorry.
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i had mine done, but i don't remember the number sorry
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Does high HCG mean something? I go in in a week for my first OB appt and I'll be 7 1/2 weeks then.
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I didn't have mine done in the seventh week, I had mine done earlier for both. If it is high, it can sometimes mean you are carrying twins but don't necessarily go by that as mine was not high and I was carrying the twins-Kaitlyn and Anthony and with Brianna it was high and they thought I was carrying twins for that reason but obviously I was not. Just might be your hormones kicking into high gear!

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I dont know what my numbers where? Sorry..
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I'd have to look mine up but the actual numbers don't mean much. What they look for is that the number continues to go up. Doubles every 24-48 hours is what they want to see.
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If they are high you could be farther along then you thought or pregnant with multiples. Congrats!
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Never had HCG checked *unless they do that with triple screen* but I'm sure everything is fine!! Congrats also on your pregnancy.
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ok thanks for the replies Guess I'lljust hafeta sit back and relax until the end of the month when I have my dr's appointment, then I should be about 11 weeks and get to have an U/S for EDD......hopefully if all goes well this time I'll have a BOY ( yeah we're thinking/bleeding blue here) around dec 17th, and since its the the third and final baby by c-section I am soooooo praying hard for a lil man But another lil princess would be awesome also, I lub mah girlies <3
I'll be poppin in n out to see how things are in BabyU Land
Take care ladies! and enjoy the nice weather
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