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How Long

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If you've had a miscarriage in the past, how long would you wait to tell people you are again?
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Prolly about 3 least.
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i agree, about three months... except for baby u, i would tell everyone here imediately!
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13 weeks for me

I told my mom and best friend immediately, because I just couldn't contain such excitement after over a year of trying and I needed the emotional support! But I made everyone else wait until the 13 week mark, when I felt safer. (Although, everyone at work was already speculating on my belly shape and consistant pass on Starbucks! One skinny, single woman actually had the nerve to say behind my back, "She BETTER be pregnant, or sistah needs to get to the gym!!" The NERVE!!)
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We waited to tell family until 10 weeks and everyone else until 12 weeks.
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Even after I had my miscarriage ... I think I told everyone the day I found out I was pregnant with Aidan - I couldn't wait. The excitement just builds up- and I get so sick with each everyone would know, or think something was wrong with me.

The way I looked at it, if something did happen, it was more support for me in my life and more people to understand why I am acting strangely or not feeling well.
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Dina, that's how we did it this time too. There was a few family members I didn't tell until we saw healthy heartbeats, but other than that we told everyone within a week of finding out LOL. Daniel wanted to wait, but I'm TERRIBLE at waiting.
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I waited 3 months.
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Re: How Long

i surely tell my parents the time ill come to know and to others probably after 3-4 months
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