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What can a person with no teeth eat?

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Yes, it's a serious question. My elderly next neighbor had to have all his teeth removed. I wanted to make something for him because he says he's only been eating mashed potatoes for the last few weeks. I was thinking of soup, but everything that comes to mind requires some type of chewing (meat, veggies).

Any ideas??
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are his gums still sore? or can he actually gum some of the food? if so veggie soup of some sort would probably work, most of it is so broken down in soup

what about jello? both the clear and the pudding are nice treats

that is a tough spot to be in, i hope he is just waiting for his dentures.
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That was my thought too, SOUP.
Just leave out the potatos!
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Cream of Brocolli, Cream of Chicken, hard boiled eggs smashed up with some melted cheese. Melted cheese on anything to fill his belly. Just trying to think of stuff for protein.
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What about Wisconsin Cheese Soup or Tomato Soup?
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I'm thinking anything that you'd feed a baby for first foods:
Pasta salad, spagetti, grilled cheese, CAKE , pudding, strawberry shortcake (should be soft enough to "gum" right?
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I was going to say a really soft mac and cheese?? Cream soups.
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All great suggestions, but I'm not so sure he can even gum stuff. I actually found out because he brought us a watermelon that he couldn't eat. Some of those soup ideas might work though!
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If he's having trouble even gumming things, any cream soup would be good. You might also pick up some Ensure, Instant Breakfast, etc.
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When I had my jaw surgery, I had to eat baby food for 8 weeks. Does he have a food processor or blender? He can eat almost anything if it is liquified. The stuff looks kind of gross, but it tastes the same. I don't blame him. I ate mainly mashed potatoes and ice cream while I was healing.
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I was about to say what some of the others have already said: jello, pudding, broth, applesauce, yogurt, mac and cheese, protein shakes (ensure), cottage cheese.

My dad is missing some of his teeth and they make what they call mechanical meals for him (they have to chop up his meat for him into tiny pieces). I don't know if that would work with your neighbor though since he has no teeth at all.

I hope he is taking vitamins since his choice of foods are limited now.
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I was thining about banana pudding ... maybe pureeing the bananas first. But I'll need to check with his wife to see if he's diabetic first.
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One of the gents in the cottage where I work (residential/teaching facility for adults with develop/mental disabilities) has no teeth, either.

All his meals come up ground or pureed, depending on the food. Sometimes the food doesn't look too good, but sometimes it is ok. Doesn't make a bit of difference to the taste and to see "J" scarf it down and ask for seconds.... , you get the idea.

There is another guy that gets Ensure pudding...

Of course, your neighbor has the years of being able to eat non-ground/pureed foods to deal with.

And, once his gums toughen up a little bit there will be relatively fewer foods that need to be modified. I'd imagine apples would still need to be mashed, but a good set of gums can still mash up a bit o steak.

Good on you, Dawn, for helping out your neighbor.
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All good ideas.
What a great neighbor you are!
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Pureed chowders would work and are a little thicker than soups. I once had a pureed fish chowder that was incredibly good. Anything soft would help, especially things like soft boiled eggs, soft cheeses, soft cooked vegetables, baked fish that could be mashed, applesauce or anyother soft fruit that could be mashed or cooked (baked apples come to mind), oatmeal or other cooked cereals or grains and yoghurt or baked custard too. Will this neighbor be getting dentures? I would mostly worry about getting proper nutrition and enough protein.
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You can make a nice veggie soup - I make this tomato basil bveggie soup in a crock pot and the veggies get so soft you can 'gum' them ... even for the babies I would make this soup with Pastina noodles which are the super tiny ones. I add eggs in the soup,. and cheese to give it some protien
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Even if you did veggie, maybe puree it? That just plain stinks!
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