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Breastfeeding Roll Call

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Just wondering how many of our mothers are currently breastfeeding.

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Give me a few months
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Still going strong at 13.5 months!
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I'll be joining you in January! WTG ladies!
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Gosh I miss it. Last time here was January 4th 2003.
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In a couple days, we'll be at 16 months!
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Ethan will be 6 months old ( ) on Saturday and we're still nursing!
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Gosh Leah isn't that the longest with your kids?

ladies it is so rewarding.
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Originally Posted by Jannie
Gosh Leah isn't that the longest with your kids?

ladies it is so rewarding.
Nope - Sydney was 8 months old when she decided that it was time to move on to bigger and better things! Livia, I nursed her for 4 months and it was miserable for both of us (because of her chronic ear infections).

I am really looking forward to nursing Ethan for as long as he will let me. However...he is starting to bite and he thinks it's funny.
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4 months with this one!
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Well, I'm not feeding at the breast, but I'm pumping with a hand pump every 3 hours!! We are having some issues and he won't latch on, the hospital confused him with bottles. I'm disappointed and afraid that he may not ever take from my actual breasts
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Keep trying. There are some ladies here that are lactation counsultants that can help you. I think that Libby is one.
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WTG ladies!
Give me another month or so, and I will be joining you all!
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Wow ! This discussion is really informative
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Seems like for the last two years... Though it hasn't been, Sept 2004 - March 2005 and then Nov 2005 - now.
I know the benifits and all the good things... But I would like my breast back. I would like to go to bed topless again.. Ok I know TMI !!! lol !! I would like to not worry about breast pads. And all that.....
But I have deffinitely enjoyed the breast feeding experience!! It has been so wonderful!!
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still nursing - 18 months and counting.
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