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October 2006 Baby Check In

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Name: Isaiah Elliot
Age: 13 months
Weight: 22 lbs, 29 inches long.
Accomplishments: Walking, walking, walking!!! Finally! Still stumbles when he walks and is still crawling but he's definetly walking alot more. Drinks out of a sippy cup and eats table foods. Loves watching Baby Eintstein movies and Children's Favorite Songs DVD.
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Name: Randy Joseph
Age: 5 weeks and 6 days
Weight: 11 lbs.
Accomplishments: starting to coo, able to follow things with his eyes, staying alert and awake more, eating anywhere from 6-8 ounces at a feeding, is latching on and breastfeeding now , holding his own head up better...POOPS ALOT...and he's starting to smile more....all in all, my little joy
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Name: Kayla Elizabeth
Age: 8 months
Weight: 20 lbs
Accomplishments: 5 teeth, eating some table foods, cruising furniture and taking some steps alone, crawling all over the place, saying Momma, Dadda, and Nana.
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Name: Heather Ariana
Age:11 weeks 5 days
Weight:11 pounds 6 oz (9-27)
accomplishments: sleeps thru night for the most part, coos, giggles, smiles and babbles to as point (lots of cooingt noises)
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Name: Moses
Age: 16 months
Weight: 23lbs and 7oz Yesterday
Accomplishments: He's running all over the place, can now climb on the couchs. He has 12 teeth and one more on the way. He says Mama, Dada, Hi, Hot and says D for Desiree. He loves his big sister and they love to play together. They tend to fight over things to. But it's so cute to see them having fun. He uses the sippy cup and eats almost anything you put in front of him.
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Name: Ethan
Age: 7 months
Weight: 18 lbs.
Latest accomplishments: Well, this week he is trying to pull himself UP on everything and he's trying to clap his hands. He is completely mobile, not quite crawling, but pulling himself everywhere - we have to close doors and put stuff away now. He can sit up by himself and is blowing raspberries! He is still nursing about 3-4 times per day and once maybe through the night. Other than that, he's eating everything in sight, chewing, drinking from a sippy cup, etc. He's getting too big!!!
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Name: Ryan Patrick
Age: 5 1/2 months
Weight: 18 lbs. (New update soon...well check visit soon!)
Accomplishments: Has super strong abs...pulls himself up to sit, but kinda has a "round butt" and promptly falls over. What a nut. He screams to hear his voice, is very alert and giggles. It's too cute. He bats at everything and holds things in his hands to check them out. He will even stop sucking on his binky, pull it out of his mouth and check it out! It's crazy! He LOVES his big sister... she cracks him up! He has the BEST belly laugh EVER! He loves being on his tummy and is trying to crawl. When he's on his back he does this funny little twist (looks like a macaroni) to roll over. He's SUCH a HAM!
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Name: Brenna Grace
Age: 5 months today
Weight: Unknown
Brenna is rolling everywhere and has started wiggling her way out of her bouncy seat. She's become a stomach sleeper regardless of how many times I try and turn her back over. She's eating solids once a day... it's so funny because now that she knows what we are doing at restaurants, she'll open her mouth and reach for things until someone feeds her.
She is still a very happy baby laughing all the time and smiling for everyone.
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Braylen Andrew
17 months
wt. 20.6 lbs

Accomplishments: Braylen has 4 teeth on the top now (cut all at once ) and is now cutting 2 molars on the bottom! They are through (which explains his temper the past few days), he is up and running now, and his favorite word is NO!
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Elijah Riley
10 weeks
9lb 8 oz 20 1/2 inches

Accomplishements: Elijah can roll from front to back (but I think a lot of it is his head), he is cooing and laughing and smiling at us now He is sleeping though the night now he usually eats last at 8 and gets up at almost 7. He is eating around 4-6 ounces at a sitting and is still on gentlease. He got his first set of shots the other day and did pretty well with them, no reactions, but he screamed pretty high when he got them.
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weight update on Heather...
I went in for an appt of my own and sincxe we go to the same doctor I had her weighed. She weighs 13 pounds and 13oz as of Oct 24 and Dh and I think she is between 24.5 and 25"
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Name: Travis Kyle
Age: 3 weeks old today
Weight: As of Tuesday, 8 pounds. We are working on helping him regain his birth weight.
Accomplishments: Not too much, yet.
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