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How can I cure this cold?

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I've only had it since Friday but it is really zapping the energy out of me and I feel so crap. I have a bunged up nose, sore throat, cough, eyes are really sensitive to light and are hurting behind them, head feels as thought its being repeatedly stabbed by a thousand knifes and most of the muscles in my body are aching. Ye so I basically feel rubbish. Any suggestions on how to sooth some of these, what's best to take while pregnant?
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Pretty much all that the OB/GYN's do here is to say take Tylenol (aceteminophen) and push fluids and rest. They really don't recommend anything else. If you are not feeling well, consult your OB/GYN or the physician that is taking care of you during your pregnancy.

Good luck. I'm sorry you are feeling so miserable. I hope you feel better soon!
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For sinus problems, I do hot compresses across my eyes/nose area - that sometimes helps. Can you eat spicy food? Seriously, a good kick of spice can help get your nose draining!
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I'm pretty misserable with all the same things you described too. I hope you start feeling better.
Some different things I tried while pregnant were vapor rub & breathe right strips (great for opening up your nose so you can sleep at night), saline nose spray (usually sold for infants), tylenol, sudafed, and warm showers when I was feeling really itchy and yucky.
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I have the same thing. I think it's a sinus cold and all that draining is making my throat hurt. It sucks to not be able to dope myself up on nyquil and dayquil.
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