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Is it Safe?

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I just wonder whether if it is ok and safe to start TTC again after miscarried, before my AF? I just miscarried almost 2 weeks ago. The thought of waiting 3-6 months (advised by my doctor) is just too long for me. I just want to get pregnant with healthy baby so badly.

Has anyone did get pregnant after miscarried before AF and succeed?
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I've never had a miscarriage but have heard the same advice... to wait 3 months for your hormones and cycles to return to normal.
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oh dear! 3 months is just too long!. I did ask the doctor, what happen if I "accidently" conceived before that period, will it effect the baby in any way. She just said "no" and went away to check other patients. What a friendly doctor..She just walk away too fast..and I still have so many questions...
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after my m/c last year my ob/gyn said i could ttc right away if i wanted, he had seen it many times. i just had to wait after the d&c for a week.

i have heard to wait a few cycles, but just from other people never from drs. sorry your dr was so rushed and impersonal
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I would try to wait at least 1 cycle if you can...I know how hard it is, but try to give your body at least that short time if you can
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Yeah I'm with Becca. I really don't think there is anything "unsafe" about trying again right away. I think the time is meant more for mom's personal healing.
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I started ttc right away with both of my miscarriages, but did not become pregnant for a year afterwards anyway. It may be hard to judge when you are ovulating before you have AF.
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Even though it's hard I would wait at least 1 cycle. Then you know that you've had AF, you'll have a better idea of dates. Also if you had to have a D&C you want the lining of your uterus to have some time to heal. Good luck
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You do want to wait to allow your body to regulate yourself. It needs the rest after what happened. I wish you luck!
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I got pregnant after having a D&C because of miscarriage before I started another cycle and I miscarried again. I don't know if the second miscarriage was in any way related or not. After the second miscarriage, I waited for 2 cycles and got pregnant again and had my first healthy baby 9 months later

I do know someone who got pregnant immediately after a miscarriage and had no problem. She didn't have a D&C though. I think if you've had a D&C you should definitely wait.
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Sorry for your loss. I think it's more a matter of dates than aything that could be harmful. It will just be easier to date the pregnancy if you wait for a new cycle to start.
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I think that the reason they want you to wait is so tha tyour body can get the hormones backon track again (and then it would be easier to get pg again)....

If you have had a D&C you need to let th elining of your uterus heal. I think it may be easier to miscarriage again if you try to early since you have not totally healed

Best of luck to you!
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Thanks guys for all your support. I did had D&C right after..looks like i'm gonna have to wait at least one cycle...hmmm...thanks again!
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Re: Is it Safe?

kiss your life accept it just as it is today now so that those moments of happiness that you are waiting for don't pass you by.............i think waiting for the rite time is the best you can do to avoid any prob in future
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