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Anything good with shrimp?

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We got some frozen shrimp at the store the other day. It was buy one, get two bags free. So, we made fettucine alfredo with shrimp last week. What's something else we can make that doesn't take forever?
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what about a stir fry with shrimp
or a gumbo?
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ohw abiout shrimp scampi?? you can get a premade marinade.
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I was thinking about scampi for one of them, but I didn't know what spices to use or anything. I didn't realize they had a premixed marinade. Hmmmm...
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Are they tail-on shrimp, or salad shrimp?

Tail-on shrimp are good in stir-fry, in a lemony/buttery sauce or tomato sauce over noodles, on a skewer, shrimp cocktail...

Salad shrimp are good over salad (of course ), over pizza (take a frozen pizza, scatter shrimp on it, then bake - add a couple extra minutes), I've even made a seafood salad that I think called for canned shrimp - I'm sure fresh would work...
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I buy the oriental fried rice(uncle bens I think) and make it with the end I stir in some beaten egg and stir thoroughly to make it like the restaurant fried rice....then I toss some frozen egg rolls in the oven and we have "Chinese".
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