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Keepsake ultrasounds

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I saw a discussion in a parenting magazine where they were debating whether or not it was safe to have those keepsake ultrasounds.

This place is right around the corner from DH's work and we were talking about it the other day.

Would you have one of these?
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I think one or two is totally safe. I mean lots of women have them done for medical reasons.

I just think they are creepy looking and I'm glad I never got one. The babies always look like an alien

I'll take my fuzzy U/S pic
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That is probably my biggest regret is that I never got to do that with any of the boys. I wanted to so bad with Jesse, but the place closest to me is 2.5 hours away and we just couldn't swing the money. If , GOD FORBID, I ever find myself PG again I will find away to have it done.
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I had it done with both boys and LOVED it. Zach's was way better b/c I waited too long with Noah and he was too craped in there to get a really good pic. I was just looking at Zach's pics tonight. I keep them on my dresser and they look just like a real pic. Not creepy at all. My ob started doing them when I was pregnant with Noah. Zach's I had elsewhere. I asked my doc and he said it was fine and I gave them copies when I got them done. After Zach was born they put his newborn pic along with the ultraounds in my chart b/c they could be interchangeble. That's how awesome they were. I alo have the boys on DVD from before they were born.
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I had some done at my doctor's office because the machine was new and the technician wanted to play with it a little. She was waiting for Elizabeth to turn to better position to see something which I don't remember. The 3D pictures were incredible. She gave me copies but told me not to show anyone in the office
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I got 3D&4D ultrasounds with Peyton and they are so creepy so see your baby. Neat but creapy. After going through all that I did with her. Nope I have no need to do it again for fun.
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I got one done with Isaiah when I was 21 weeks preggo. They were doing them free for the military which was nice. He was too skinny so they couldn't get any good pictures. I could make out his button nose in one along with his arm and hand. It was really cute and I'm probably going to ask my husband to pay for one when I'm farther along. I'd like to see what the baby will look like towards the end. It would be neat to show the kid what he looked like in the womb.
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