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canned salmon recipes?

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Erics friend gave several cans of pink salmon...I have no idea what to make with them..... Any ideas or suggestions?
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My Mom used to make salmon patties out of canned salmon. I can't remember the exact recipe, but it had eggs, bread crumbs (or crackers), diced onions & diced green peppers and a little salt & pepper.

Just google salmon recipes (or canned salmon recipes) and you should get some great ideas. Good luck!
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i was gonna suggest salmon patties too... my dad used to make those!!
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A guy I used to work with made a great salmon dip.

1 can salmon
1 pg. cream cheese
chopped green onions

He would serve it with one of thse big round loaves of bread, or it's really good with crackers.
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My parents love salmon patties... you just mix up the salmon, egg, breadcrumbs, and some seasoning and fry them up like you would burgers.
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This website has some recipes that sound really good
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Salmon patties are really good. I just use egg, breadcrumbs and saly/pepper to taste.

Salmon cassarole - just like tuna cassarole. Layer cooked egg noodles, salmon and cream of mushroom soup. 2-3 layers ending with soup on top (usually 2-3 cans of salmon and 1 lg bag of egg noodles). Bake for 20-30 minutes, until it is bubbly. Basically you are just heating it up. In the last few minutes you can top it with cheese or more breadcrumbs or crackers - just about anything!
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