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Child disability

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Has anyone applied for child disability/SSI? I am fairly certain that we don't qualify because of our income level. But I was looking at the forms and they ask for a list of all doctors the child has seen, as well as what they were seen for. IS this just for testing and diagnosis for their disability, or do they want paperwork on every well-child visit, shot record, foreign object put up the nose, rash, broken bone, ear infection, cold, scraped knee, and everything else any doctor has ever seen them for? Has anyone been through this before?
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Re: Child disability

I think Sandra has for Michael. Good luck!
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Re: Child disability

Yes, Michael has SSI disability. When we applied, I put every doctor he was seeing including his Pediatrician. I listed every appt. from that related to the problems and those that weren't. When we had reviews, I included on the forms the dates of his ECI appts for occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Now, you don't have to bother listing every appt. for rountine checkups but if they were for ear infections, broken bones, etc.. I would list them.

I know filling out the paperwork is a pain but it has to be done. They also ask for any medications he is currently on and any over the counter meds too.
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Re: Child disability

Yeah, we looked into it with Drew and they asked us for everything. But we didn't qualify either - income. That was years ago. I know we wouldn't qualify now.
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