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A new Cycle....A new Chance......

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Today is the start of our 15th cycle of actitvly TTC. Which means, I guess, that we have a new chance to get PG. Which doesn't really make things easier. Although I knew AF was coming...and wasn't holding out any hope of being PG this still pulls my heart strings some.

Maybe this cycle will be the one for us. I just keep telling myself that it will happen.

*sigh* It will won't it?? Do you ever feel like you're standing in the wrong line?? Instead of the line that's handing out babies...we're standing in the line that's handing out pain and heartache?

I know, I'm depressing right now..but it'll pass.....After all...i have a right to be deprssed about it sometimes.

But for now I would do the "Hurry Up and Leave AF" dance....but my ankle is twisted, so I'll have to do that later.....
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I am at the library. If I were home, I would IM you and say stupid things to you until you laughed. Since I can't do that, I will just have to settle for making faces at you and hope it helps:

Are you starting to feel better now?
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Wolfie you have every right to feel a bit depressed or even a whold lot depressed if you want to, heck throw a full size hissy fit, I just hope you feel a bit better soon. It will happen for you. Dont worry about the *Please go, Aunt Flo* dance, i'll do it for you

You do realise that the only reason it is taking a while is bc all the kids in heaven are fighting to be first in your line bc they all want you to be their Mummy, as soon as they get it sorted they will be here
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Grace~ Thanks for the faces....I feel better...and I was wandering where you were at.

Maree~ that has to be the nicest~sweetest thing anybody has every said to me {{{hug}}} It brought the biggest smile to my face...thank you so much!!!!!!
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You're welcome but its the truth, and whoever wins is going to be so lucky
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That was so sweet Maree!!

I hope your feeling better Maya!
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I have to agree with Maree on this one.
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You ladies are soooo sweet.....
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