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21 Day Challenge...

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Okay this challenge is for everyone... You don't need to be overweight, and trying to lose. You just need to want to make exercise a part of your lifestyle. Everyone can benefit from regular exercise. The experts say that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I am challenging each and every one of you to take a minimum of 5 min from your day to do some form of exercise, from stretching, to vacuming, to chasing the kids. Check back and let us know how you are doing!!
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I'll take this challenge!

Now I have to decide what kind of excercise I want to do.....
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Pick something that you like... Dance around the living room with Gary! Than you both are getting exercise!!!
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Start from whatever day you started exercising which for me was Wednesday last week so that is Day 1, but if you miss a day you have to start over...

Day 1 Elliptical 15 min
Day 2 Elliptical 10 min, 10 min of stretching
Day 3 Elliptical 15 min
Day 4 Movin with Susan video 60 min, Elliptical 10 min
Day 5 Movin with Susan video 60 min
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Funny you should mention that, because we do all the time.
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See there you go... an exercise you like, that you can do together!! Lucky guess on my part LOL
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Let me clarify that for you.
I jump around and shake my booty, (in other words I look like a fool!) and Gary stands there laughing at me.

We do this all the time.
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Hey you are moving.. so it is exercise... I can't dance either by the way...
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ok I went to the gym and did 30 min's on the bike and 10 min's on the treadmill
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Okay--I am in! I will start today! But will let you know for sure if I start today!
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Go Maree!!! See Day 1!

Wendy and Heather I know you can both do it!!!
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I did it!

I've started jump roping! It was one of the cheapest and easiest forms of exercise you can add to any routine!
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Okay, I will take up the challenge!! I have already done fifteen minutes today by walking, but will try to add more when I get home.

Good luck everyone!! Sounds like all you ladies are off to excellent starts!!
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Go Wendy and Lisa Day 1

See you can do this.. 5 min of your time is a small slot, do squats while on the phone.. Anyone can do this...
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ok, I am up for this. Lets see.
I will start with this past friday.

day1 - worked from 6 - 11 waiting tables
day2 - Worked from 5- 12 waiting tables
day3 - worked from 6-10:30 waiting tables
day4 - stretched for 5 minutes. (so far that's it, my feet hurt from working this weekend LOL)
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Ok I just did my five minute work out and that is how I feel. First time I have done any exercise (other than kid chasing) in about 3 years.

OOOO my head hurts!
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I have a great way to get 5 min of exercise! I lay on the floor with my baby and follow every move she makes. (kicking, rolling over, etc.) I can't do it for more than 5 min because it HURTS! I read it in a parenting mag!
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That is a good idea!
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Sounds like hard work but it would be so cute to watch, I suppose a live web cam feed is out of the question

Mind you if we really were that would probably be great excercise as well
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I'll take your challenge!

Does 6 hours of laundry count, LOL!?! Not to mention chasing after the kids all day, and cleaning the house.
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Is that all you did Tara, jeez, you better get a move on, slacking off like that all day (OK I'm sorry, you can stop hitting me now)
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You're to funny!!
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Nope Tara, it sure does not Of course it does. I think you did enough for the 21 day
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I totally agree that it counts Tara!... It is activity so it counts.

Welcome aboard, Shona, Megan, Michelle and Tara! You all rock!!

Maree are you joining us, or just making us laugh?

Day 6 10 min Elliptical
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Sorry thought I had joined, where do I sign up, altho stomach is a bit suspect today - new meds - i walked the really long way back to the car at the supermarket, I did a lap of the car park that took about 5 minutes, best I could do today
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That counts Maree!!!

I did my jump roping and am doing my arm exercises now too!!
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WYG Wendy I have to talk to the lady at the gym about a new programme that doesn't aggravate my shoulder, I really don't want to have surgery on it, bc I am a total wuss
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Maree... No signing up required!!! Just post what you do!! And that 5 min counts!! I hope you feel better!
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Go Wendy!!! Day two for you!!
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Day Two for Lisa: Walked 15 minutes!!
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