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day 7 Walked 30 min
Day 8 walked 30 min
Day 9 elliptical 15 min
Day 10 walked 20 min
Day 11 Laundry, 8 trips up and down stairs carrying it..
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Go Busy Beaver Wendy!!!! COngrats on finishing the challenge!!
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day 9

Walked for 1 hr with Liz, and now we are going to go out and do a bit of gardening....well as much as my back can handle anyways
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Day 4 and 5..more unpacking. I moved some heavy stuff in Maddie's room and now my back hurts.. I broke down about 50 boxes and lugges them out to the curb for trash pickup. Also about 10 big bags of trash. The while Gavin was taking a bath tonight I did some bends and stretches.
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Congratulations Wendy for finishing the challenge!

Day 19

15 min of dance, packing..ect..That ought to cover it.
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Day 12 30 min of running around the living room with the girls..
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Thank you for the congrats...Tara and Heather. It means alot!!!!
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Day 20, chasing my kids around pulling out my hair, and the day is only half over...I think I'll go find a rock to hide under for a while.
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Day 10
20 min walking while job hunting....what a pain in the butt
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Keep up the good work ladies!
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Day 5 I think???? I broke down boxes, bagged up 10 bags of trash, swept and mopped the kitchen and vacuumed.
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I keep forgetting that housework counts as doing exercise LOL
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Megguy, that was day #6 for you ...I went to your previous post.

Godd job everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Keep it up.
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Day 21

Finished packing, and cleaning...whew!

Yay, I finished!!
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Yay Tara!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!! What an accomplishment, especially with the packing and everything!!

Day 13 Marching around with the girls 20min
Day 14 Playground running around, sliding etc for 1 hour..
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Thanks Wendy..I lost track

WTG Tara! Wonderful job!

Day 7 I did about 2 hours worth of gardening. Whew that was hard work! I hoed up a bunch of dirt adn grass. I also raked a HUGE pile of pine needles and then transferred them to the burn barrel.

Day 8 Wow! Can't believe I have made it this far already! Tomorrow is trash day so I broke down about 50 or more boxes and bagged up about 20 bags of trash. Then I hauled it all out.
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Day 11
Vacuumed the house again took about 15 minutes. Its amazing how hard it is to do that when you have a 13 month old who loves to chase the vacuum

Day 12
Vacuumed the house, swept and mopped the floors, cleaned up Liz's toys, cleaned the bathroom (All took about an hour)
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Way to Go Megan and Michele!!!

Day 15--Elliptical 10 min
Day 16-- Playground for about an hour, and walked for 30 min
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Ladies.. This thread is 40 pages long so I am starting a new one called the 21 Day Challenge continued.. Please post there!!
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Congratulations "Babydoll"


Just Wanted to say Congratulations on Your Weight Loss I always New you would do it. I wish I had your Stamina TO Stick with it. I think had something to do with it also LOL But If it wasnt for Your Determination to do this and along with the help of the Y.M.C.A. aerobics program + Dieting. Just want to say Keep Up the Great Work and Determination I know You Will Keep on Losing and eventually reach your goal. I want To thank all you ladies also for Posting and giving My Beautiful, Sexy, Wondeful and Sweet Wife Wendy The Encouragement and Strength to Do this And Please Keep it up!!! Believe Me She Really gets alot of Strength + Support from all of you....again Thanks I Love You Wendy Keep It Up Babydoll I Know You Will Do It!!!!!!!!
Your Hubby
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