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Day 6

I went swimming today with Devon, and got atleast 15 min of nonstop exercise.....but we were out there for over 2 hours, so I think I may have gotten more.
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Well I am afraid I am with Little Bit, I have to start over as well
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Go Tara! Maree we can do it!!!

Day 1: Running in circles with Tessa, including climbing up inside a playplace at McDonalds.. I was so scared I was gonna get stuck!! Jenn went first and assured me I could fit though...
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Day One (Mark 2)

20 minute walk with family, around the park.
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Go Maree and Heather!! You can do it!!
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I have to start over again too... I have been too sick to do anything. I will start tomorrow...I promise!
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Thanks Tara

Sorry Meagan, I hope you feel better soon, probably better to wait until you are really well, rather than make yourself feel so uncomfortable that you can't keep going
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Day 7

Walked for 15 min
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Day 7 for me!

Chased Christian around at my brother's non The boy was so busy today! To busy if you ask We were up and down the stairs, chased him around their wrap around porch. We were EVERYWHERE today!

If that doesn't count I will have to start all over
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Well I just have a bad cold and I think probably bronchitis (sp?) BUT!!!! I danced around with the kids tonight for at least 10 minutes. My it is my step-dad's birthday and we got him a CD player so we had to of course listen to it. I coughed for like 30 minutes after but anyways DAY ONE!
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Day Two-- Walked along the Sound for about 45 min, and then had to hike back up the stupid side of the cliff to the car!! I love going to Tolmie Park, but I wish we could get to the beach by car.. CLimbing back up always takes me forever it is way too steep!!
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Day Two!!!
Did weight training with Maddie! also did some stretches and sit ups. WOrked out for about 15 minutes. Don't feel up to Tae Bo just yet.
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Go Megan!
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Day 8

HaHa...I danced around while packing and doing housework for atleast 15 min. Hope that counts.
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IT counts Tara!!

Day Three-- Chased the girls around the park for 30 min
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You girls are doing so great, and I suck at this, lets pretend I never started that way I'm not failing now
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I was doing so great until yesterday. Excuses, I know, but I didn't get up early enough to do anything and work was so busy I didn't have time to take a walk and then I came down with one of my headaches that sent me to bed early, so I didn't do anything yesterday.

I'll be starting over today though!!
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Maree... There isn't any failing here!! Just start over again..

Lisa, I have been there... Good job starting over!
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I just thought it would be so easy to get in at least 15 minutes of exercise everyday, but am finding that so many things get in the way. It really is something you have to either schedule into your day or just decide at one point during the day that you're going to drop everything and exercise. Or at least that's the point I'm at. But I'm determined to do it!!

Thanks for the encouragement, Heather!! Together, we'll get those 21 days done!!
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Hi I am new here and I want to do the 21 day challenge

Hi I am new here. My name is Wendy and I want to join your weight loss support team and to also join you on the 21 day challenge. I am 33 and a SAHM of 5 kids. My spouse is named Donald. My children are Donald Jr(D.J.)12, Bridget 9, Heather 7,Joshua 7. Amanda 2. I weigh 228.5 and I have lost wight and gained weight too many times and this time I want to keep it off for good. I have been watching what I eat now for 3 weeks as of yesterday and I have been exercising for the last 2 weeks. I was 244 and I am down to 228.5. Not bad for 3 weeks. I have a long way to go and I need all the support I can get and I want to be supportive to those who need it also. My short term goal is 200 and my long term goal is 135-140. I am glad to be a part of your team.
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Wow!! You really are a busy beaver with five kids!!

It's wonderful that you've decided to join us. We are here to give each other all the support necessary to reach our goals and I think we do a pretty good job. Congratulations on your success so far and good luck on keeping it going!!
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Congrats Wendy on the losses so far! And welcome aboard.. For the 21 Day challenge, we post on this thread what day we are on and how many min of what we did. If you miss one day you start over. As far as the Weight Loss support team, there is a thread started daily where you can post your food, exercise, water and anything else you want to share! Glad to have you join us!!
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Day Three.....wrestled around with the kids for like 10 minutes. Then did actual exercises while making dinner and then later did some crunches and sit ups.
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Go Megan!!!

Day Three, paced while waiting at the Dr's office, and pharmacy
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Congratulations on your loss so far Wendy! We are happy that you are joining us!

WTG Everyone else!! And there is NO failing like Heather started over, so pat yourself on the back!

Day 9

15 minute walk
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LOL--I was so confused for a couple minutes. I had not reported any loss of weight and everyone was like WTG

Yesterday. I walked around Walmart. Then picked Den up from work and we went to softball practice and I ended up chasing Christian around the field...for a half hour if not So that was my exercise for the challenge.

I am going to at least get in some jump roping today for the challenge. I have not been feeling well and have had some awful pains in my left arm so I have not been doing much lately but I refuse to start over again!
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Funny, Wendy!! I'm glad I'm the only Lisa so far!!

Yesterday was Day One for me and I walked for 20 minutes. Later on today I plan to walk again. I hate having to start over, but at least I'm doing it and not just giving up!!
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Go Girls!! Wendy, I know to be honest it felt weird to type in your name to someone else~ OF course every time I PM Heather or post to her it feels weird to me...

Haven't done anything yet, but in about an hour, I will lose both girls to Jenn, and then have some serious housework planned... I am sure I will be sweating!
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Day Two (05/01/02): Walked for 30 minutes!!
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I am gonna have to step out of the challenge for now...too much going on with the move (can't imagine driving for 12 hours and then exercising next week!) and am still feeling so sick. Everytime I do anything I start coughing. I will catch up to you all in a week or so!
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