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Lets pull out the big guns!

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Have you ever sat there...AF playing very badly with your body...and thought..."This is really gettin' old...and fast!"

That's where I'm at!! This is cycle 16 of activly TTC.....almost 3 years without using protection...and what do I have to show for it?? A Christmas Angel in Heaven...and a really bad backache!! It's not fair!! So with this cycle...I'm taking a aggrsive apporch! I tried the "don't worry about it and it'll happen" it's time to get busy!! (so to speak!)

I'm updating myself of herbs....researching the ClearPlan Fertility Monitor...I'm even thinking about starting to chart again. My goal in life right now.... I WILL BE PG BY 2003!!!!!!

Are you with me!?!?! Have any good tips that I might be missing?!? Come on...join in! It's the "GET WOLFY PG" compaign!!
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Count me in on your team!

Go Wolfy! Go Wolfy!
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Other than every other day even when you don't feel like it, I don't have any tips, but I'm cheering for you!!!
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Thanks abunch!!!!!!!
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If it works, let me know what you did. Of course I am rooting for you! We "wolves" (my last name means wolf in Hungarian) have to run together!
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Lets get Wolfie and Grace Pg

Well not us personally, we better let their Dh's do that but whatever we can do to help, I'm there!!
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Maree you ALWAYS make me laugh! You are a trip!

I dont have any advice for you Maya, but I am here to cheer you on!

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Go Wolfy Go, Good luck!
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lol! Thanks everybody!! And once said we are going to have our babies on the same day.....We better get BUSY!!!!!!

And yea better let our DHs do the work....
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Kinda have to Wolfie, I'm just not "up" to the job myself.
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Don't forget me! I want to be pregnant by 2003 also!! We have been having without protection since February of last year and "trying" since June. We recently decided to stop "trying" so hard and just have fun but I wanna join Wolfy.
I hearby declare 2003 the year Wolfy,Heather, Ali and Grace will be pregnant and deliver healthy babies!!!!!!

THE WHAG TEAM of 2003!

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The WHAG team..... I like it.....the WHAG TEAM!!

I just KNOW we can do it!!!!! GO US!!! GO THEM!!! LOL!
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