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The BabyU Saving Challenge! (4 June through 4 July 2002)

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Welcome to the BabyU Saving Challenge for 4 June through 4 July!!
It's been so long since my last one, because I've been rethinking how this should go. I decided to break it down some into differnt categorizes.

The first category is Over All Savings. This means the person who saves the most over all. It doesn't matter if you save $3000.00 by talking the saleperson down on a car and $1.00 by using a coupon in the store. Every thing will be added together to give the Over All Saving.

The second category is Most Saved on Small Items. The winner here is the one who saves the most by saving a few dollars here and there on groceries, baby food, clothes and other small items.

I hope that makes sense. I don't want to put somebody who saved $200.00 on groceries and clothes up against somebody who saved $1000.00 on buying a new boat.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask. Just post like you did last time...I write everything down as you post so I'll keep you in the right category. If you post saving over $150.00 on one item, be prepared to be put into the "Over All Savings" group.
Remember, everybody who saves is a winner!! The point is to save YOU money!!

Good luck...and Happy Saving!!!
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This is great because I just had to go to the store this morning and I have to go to the grocery store this weekend! Here is what I have for today:

Went to Walmart. Shopped for 5 people.

SPENT: $132.75
SAVED: $58.29
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Ohh good idea! It would also be neat to see what the percentage of savings was. Some people might spend more than others, so they saved more. Like I might only spend $300 a month on groceries and still save 50% but someone else might spend more and save less...did that make sense? LOL
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I know the grocery stores here usually put the % saved at the bottom of the receipt. But alot of other stores don't. I am a math idiot - how do you figure % saved? It would be cool to see.
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Meagan~ good idea (I think). And not too hard to do (although I had to ask DH how to do it )

Now if EVERYBODY can do their post like Brenda it will be very helpful and easy to figure out.

Such as, Brenda saved 30.5%.......

Good luck...and good ideas!!!
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I am sorry didn't mean to make you think!
I have a hard time figuring it too, and usually rely on the sale receipt. It is just nice to know what percentage you saved.
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Went to the used book store to find some books that I have been looking for. Took 5 books to trade in for a store credit. Got a store credit of $12.94. Bought 3 books with a retail value of $10.97 for only $5.00 and we still have a credit of $5.97!

Went to Blimpie for lunch for 4 = saved a total of $5.97 with coupons and store card and only spent $4.78.

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Went to ShopKo.. Bought 2 Tank Tops Half price, 2 T shirts half price, 2 pairs of Shorts for half price. A pair of Capri Denims for $10 off.

Spent $66.79
Saved $36.18
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...went grocery shopping for five for about a week (will need meats later)...

Spent: 71.23
Saved: 14.16
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Thanks, Wolfy! It was neat to see the % of how much I saved. An incentive to save even more!
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Good job everybody!

Roxanna saved 54.4% on the books and 19.9% of the food.
LittleBit saved 35.1% on clothes
KneeCole saved 16.6% on food

Keep up the good work!!
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54.4% GO ME I like looking at it like that
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I went to Bi-Lo for food and Huggies which were one sale. The jumbo packs were 9.99 and I had 2 coupons for $2 off. Pull-ups were also 9.99 with 2 coupons for $2.50.

Total spent 90.12
Total saved 37.03
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Kristen~ you saved 29.1%

NOTE: At the end of the challenge, I'm going to take you TOTAL spent and you TOTAL saved and give you a TOTAL percent saved.
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Went to Eckerd for diapers and wipes:
Got two packs of pampers, two packs of huggies wipes, combined store and manufacturers coupons....

Total spent: $19.98
Total saved: $13.98
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Meagan~ saved 41.2%

I went to Wal-mart yeasterday and found a cute little baby outfit for $3.00.
Saved:$6.78 (68%)

Went BACK to Wal-mart (I forgot something) found a McKid outfit for my neice Emily's birthday for $5.00 (reg. 14.98)
Saved:$9.68 (65%)

Went to Bi-lo for 2 weeks worth of groceries for 2 people.
Spent: $114.18
Saved: $24.66 (17.8%)
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We are doing great!!!

Ordered Pizza last night

Spent $16
Saved $6

That is what I get for ordering Veggie Pizza
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I love to save!!!! WTG to everyone...we are doing great!
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Went toTarget today and ....
T-shirt regularly $7.99, paid $5.50
T-shirt regularly $7.99, paid $5.50

And check this out .. I found a cute magnetic mirror for my niece's birthday present. It is really cute and says Helo Gorgeous on the front of it ... it wa regularly $8.99 and it was marked down to ... $0.16!!!!
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Roxanna, what a find! Don't you just love buys like that?!
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Went to Eckerds fo rweekly diapers and wipes.

Best deal was on a cup for was a Star Wars Episode One cup..originally $2.48 marked down to $.47!!!!!

Spent: $19.47
Saved: $$13.01
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Went to Eckerds for my weekly run .... bought a spiral notebook for $1.50 .. regular price was $3.99.

Kroger for our weekly grocery items. used the store card and coupons, spent $98.14 and saved $35.19.

I have a question .. I went to the thrift store and got lots of bargins ... but I don't know the exact "new" price of these items ... How do I figure how much I saved? And can I include that trip here?!?!
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OK~~'nother one here. I went to Hobby Lobby without kids yesterday. I bought two sheets of scrapbook papers. Saved 27 cents on the 50% off sale going on. Also saved my sanity for another couple days.
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That is a good question Roxanna! I go to Aldi a lot and I KNOW I save moeny by going their but how do I figure that?

Wolfy???? Any suggestions?

Jennifer...a savings on your sanity..what is that worth now? About a million?
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Ok .. I quit ... Jennifer saved her sanity .. she beat us all! haha:
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Yep..Jennifer won! Challenge is over!
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Went to the used book store today and bought 4 books with a retail value of $86.99 (one was a very nice one for Stan for Father's Day) and paid $33.21.
saved = $53.78
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WTG, Roxanna!
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You rock!

Went to a new store today called was an unplanned trip but I saw their ad and just had to go!

Spent $19.77
SAVED= $20.05

Woohoo!!!! They had Reese's Peanut butter for $.78 per jar! I could not believe it!
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Went to Walmart to pick up a few odds and ends. Checked out the clearance aisle and found some great buys!

2 packs of acid-free scrapbooking paper
reg. $16.97 sale price $1.00 each

Jewelry making kit for neices birthday
reg. $12.97 sale price $2.00

DP and RC coupons totaling $2.10

Dented can of pineapple chunks
reg. .77 sale price .50

4 Chicken Vienna Sausages
reg. .40 sale price $.25

2 Dented chicken noodle soup cans
reg. $.44 sale price $.25

Total Spent: $25.08

Total Saved: $45.88!

WooHoo! Just call me the queen! Can't beat it when you save more than you spend!
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