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Forgot, I went to Walmart Friday to pick up a cake for Rick's graduation. Checked their bakery sale rack, just in case, and found a great buy.

1/2 Sheet cake chocolate
reg. $11.88 Sale Price $7.13

DP and RC coupons totaling $2.10
(and, yes, I buy soda that often!)

Total spent: $21.65

Total saved: $4.96
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WTG Brenda!
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I'm so sorry I haven't updated this sooner Please forgive me!

I do have all the numbers:
Littlebit~ 27%
Roxanna~ 55%
Meagan~ 40.1%
Roxanna~ 62.4% and 26.4%
""~ 61.8%
Meagan~ 50.4%
Spaggie~ 64.7 % and 18.6%

GREAT Job everybody!!!!!!!!!


Check this out: I went to Wal-Mart and found the cutes outfit on sale from $9.96 to $5.00. Great! Other present out the way. Got home and noticed the pants were 10/12 and the shirt was 7/8. So I took it back. Standing in line I saw a stain on the back of the shirt. Told the woman the the pants were to big (my neice is a 7/8). I wanted to exchange. Walked back to the back...they weren't suppose to be on SALE!!! The first on was because it had that I got a new outfit for $5.00!
I also picked up a dress for my othe niece's bday. The dress was $5.00 marked down from $14.96. And the shirt I bought (it's a sting strap dress) was $3.00 from 5.96.
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You go girl! Way to save that $$$~
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Ok, this will be small. However, I will post more later for sure. Tomorrow is shopping day!

Anyway, Marsh (a state/local grocery) has Brummel & Brown Creamy Fruit Spreads on sale for $.99 each. Sadly, Marsh will only double ONE coupon now of similar products. (Say you buy two of these and have two coupons. They will only double one of them.) Pretty stinky, I think. Anyway, I have a coupon for $.50 off. So, I will get one for free. We don't usually use this product very much. However, free is good!!!!

There are a few other sales. I will have to look when I go to the store tomorrow. I will let you know how I do.
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Take Hayden with you and have him shop too!
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Take someone with you

I make Rick or Bill go with me all the time when I am going to buy something like that. I have had Drew do it, too. Also, if it's not too inconvenient, make more than one trip during the day or week. I have been known to go in, buy something they have a limit on, go put it in my car and go back in to buy more. Or go back the next day. It can be a hassle, but worth saving the money if it's a good buy.
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Originally posted by Megguy
Take Hayden with you and have him shop too!

I do. He loves it. He thinks it is great to watch the prices fall. We also compare the prices with the coupons and sales to see if we can get a better deal. He thinks that is WAY cool. Odd for a boy. But, alright. He said once that he wants me to show him how to do couponing that way when he lives on his own he can save lots of money. That is also when he gets to spend what he has earned for the week. The week, he decided he didn't want to spend his money at the dollar store. Marsh is having a sale on their 12 packs of the store brand soda--$.99. So, he wants to get some soda there. Who knows what else he will want. Also, Marsh has a Kid's Club. Every week they have something different. It could be a snack. It could be a toy. This weekly item is free per child that is a member. Last week it was an Ekrich Lunch Maker. The kids thought that was the GREATEST! This week, I haven't told them yet, it is a pair of sunglasses. Also, on their birthday, there are small cakes for them. The store says it will only feed 2 people. However, they are so big that 4 people can eat them. They also get a free movie rental for their birthday too. Or, at least they did last year.

Kroger had something similar for awhile. However, they did a monthly thing. They were giving out fruits and vegetables, a different one each month. Yes, I am all for nutrition. However, I don't think a snack item would kill them every once in awhile. Kroger does send a gift certificate for a free movie rental, a free box of store brand ice cream bars or cones, a free bag of candy, and something else I can't remember off the top of my head. Hayden really likes that. I am going to sign Cora up this year since she is older. She will get a kick out of picking something special too.
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I'll have to check with my Kroger. I didn't know they did that!
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Originally posted by Spaggie
I'll have to check with my Kroger. I didn't know they did that!
I don't think it is a local thing. I am certain it is a "national" Kroger thing because the birthday card and coupons for the birthday stuff comes from the home office, wherever that is. I never think to look! I don't know if you can find it on line or not. I didn't see anything at their website. However, it would be MUCH easier for all of us.
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I went to the super market today to pick up some sugar for DH and they had chicken drumsticks for $2.49 a kilo normally $5.99 a kilo, you get 8 drumsticks for a kilo so I got 4 kilos for $10.00 that is enough for 4 - 6 meals making it around $2.00 a night and they had the trays of biscuts(assortments) for $1.99 instead of $4.99 so I grabbed 2 of those as well. I love the last day of the week. Oh yeah and 6kgs of potatoes for $3.98 normally $2.98 for 2 kilos.
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Went to the Bon Marche bought a scarf for the Dinner
Saved- $6.00
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Ok, here is how I did today. I really bought more than I usually do. However, it was that time when things have run out in the pantry. I did very well all considering.

I went to Kroger first. My receipt says that I saved 41%. That was including my Kroger Plus Card, my coupons, and "bonus" coupons--doubling. That really isn't too bad. They had 15 oz. cans of Chef Boyardee Pasta Meals on sale for $.59 a can. I had a coupon for $.35 off of three cans. Doesn't seem like much. However, this is how it worked out:

$.59 x 3 = $1.77; $.35 x 2 (doubled) = $.70; Cans are normally $1.39; Actually, 3 would be $4.17; $4.17- 2.40 (sale difference) - .70 = $1.07 for three cans. Not too bad!

Marsh is where I went next. I got the Brummels & Brown Creamy Fruit Spread free. Also, I had a few coupons. First, the cashier didn't want to take two of my coupons for the dishwashing liquid I was getting. Tried to tell me they had expired. The expiration date was 6/15/02. Hello???? She ACTUALLY went to look at a newspaper to see what the date was! Then, she said, "I can't take both of these. Well, I can double one. But I can't double the other." I said, "That is fine. I understand your policy." I wasn't too happy by that point. She just wasn't friendly in the first place. Then, when I got home, you know what? Hehehe Silly girl! She doubled on of the coupons twice and actually took it twice. Then she took the second one twice and doubled it once!!!! I couldn't believe it! Normally, I would have taken it back. However, the store is about 1/2 hour away. Also, she was SO rude. So, my total there ended up being $2.05. Not too bad for 4 items. The dishwashing liquid alone was going to cost me about $2 each for a huge bottle.

I went to the Dollar General. I picked up a lot of needed items there and a few extras. Their canned veggies are 3 for $1. I can't usually get that elsewhere. Maybe Aldi's. Quick Oats were $1. I ran out last night making cookies. Needed more! The kids love this store since they can get a 20 oz bottle of soda for $.50 and a small package of chips for $.25. That is usually a treat for them for being such great children in the stores. (Should have skipped it today! ) Also, they have greeting cards there for $.50. I had already picked up all the cards for the month last week. However, I forgot one birthday. So, I needed to pick up another one. They also have instant pudding mixes 3 for $1. So, I picked up 3 chocolate and 3 vanilla. I have had them before. They are REALLY good. Also, cereal is less expensive there. I normally buy a $2.50 box, with coupons. However, today the kids BEGGED and PLEADED for the $3 boxes that I didn't have coupons for. I caved. They also have cream of mushrom and cream of chicken soups 2 for $1. So, I picked up a few more cans. Never know when you need those on hand.

Then, I went to Buehler's. That is the one that took over the IGA and decided NOT to double there coupons. I went because milk was on sale there. I only needed one gallon. Also, they had Hamburger Helper for $.99 a box. My coupons were for $.75 off of three. Normally, I wouldn't do this. However, we only have one box in the house. (Thad's favorite food.) There was no limit on boxes. And I haven't seen them on sale here that low in QUITE awhile. So, I bought 6 boxes. Purex with Bleach Alternative (100 oz) was on sale for $1.99. VERY good price for here. Too bad I didn't have a coupon. However, good nonetheless. I even picked up a magazine. The cover promoted an article on how to get practically everything for less. Decided it was a good deal.

Then, I had to get gas. It was $1.40/gal for what I needed. The VERY cheapest was $1.27/gal. However, our van can't use that kind. The next up was $1.38/gal. I would have used that. However, we are trying to get the best grade possible. (Don't ask me why. I just do what he says. If it were up to me and the van could take it, I would be buying the $1.27/gal!)

So, that was my shopping and, hopefully, saving day.
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Anna, doesn't your Kroger triple coupons up to $.39 and doub;e $.40 to $.50? I thought all of them did. Either was you got some great buys!

BTW, excellent price on the Purex. That's what I normally buy. I think I'm doing good when it goes on sale for $2.99!
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Subway - coupon for free sub
spent = $0.00
saved = $5.39

Bakery Thrift Store (two loaves of bread for $1.00)
Spent = $1.09
Saved = $2.00
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Anna.. That is why I will never go to that Marsh again. They are always so RUDE!
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Originally posted by Spaggie
Anna, doesn't your Kroger triple coupons up to $.39 and doub;e $.40 to $.50? I thought all of them did.
No, they don't. They do have special weeks where they triple coupons $1 or less and fully double coupons that are $1, up to $2--Making anything that is $1.50 equal to $2.

My mother has a Marsh where she lives. They only double coupons on Tuesdays and Thursdays. Here they double $.50 and less all the time and make $.50 to a $1 equal one dollar, provided you only have one coupon for items. Weird policy.

BTW, excellent price on the Purex. That's what I normally buy. I think I'm doing good when it goes on sale for $2.99!
I thought $1.99 was GREAT. I don't like to spend more than $3 for 100 oz. There was once that I picked up 2--200 oz. bottles of Purex for a total of $5! THAT was a bargain! Too bad I could only buy two--limit sale. Oh, well.
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Groceries today:

saved $10.40 with store card. Didn't use coupons. SPent $34.13 (ton of BOGO)
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Originally posted by Megguy
Anna.. That is why I will never go to that Marsh again. They are always so RUDE!
The truth is, I only went for the kid's club thing and for the $.99 12 pack of soda. That was it. Other than that, I don't like to go, even though I am signed up for the Community Shopper program. (That is where a percentage of what I spend on their store products go to various local community agencies of my choice, like the Crisis Pregnancy Center or a mission or something like that.)

Trust me, we only go there when the kid's club thing is really good and there is something else I would like to have.

I guess getting those coupons doubled so much really was a "reward" for what I went through. By the way, I was EXTREMELY polite when I left and wished her a wonderful weekend. I think she was shocked. Hehehe
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You know?? I complained to them thru their web site and they never got back with me!
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Originally posted by Megguy
You know?? I complained to them thru their web site and they never got back with me!
Of course not. That is the way they are.
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I went to Food Lion last night for groceries. They were having a Buy one get one free sale.

I spent 83.09
I saved 29.41
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Went to Kohl's dept. store this evening to look around. Found a few really good buys.

Rabbit purse for Ally on clearance reg. $5.00 = paid $2.17

Shirt for Rick for Father's Day reg. $24.00 marked down to $14.40, got an additional 25% off = paid $10.80

Total Spent $13.91
Total Saved $17.02

WooHoo! Saved more than I spent - Again!

Go Brenda, go Brenda!
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Kroger for drinks and junk ... Spent $12.36, saved $7.28 with coupons and store card

The Country Store ... convience store up the road from my house. Stopped in to get my Sunday paper ... he gave it to me for free $1.59 .. said the guy had already been by to get the leftovers and the last paper was over looked!

Subway for dinner .. used my sub card and received a free sub sandwich saved $5.39!!

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I went shopping at WalMart and found jean shorts for my daughter. The shorts were regularly priced at $9.99 but were marked down to $1. I bought the shorts even though my daughter won't be able to fit into them until two or three years from now!!
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Stopped by Walmart to pick up a few things for our trip to Sea World. Found a couple of really decent buys.

Swim trunks for Rick reg. $7.94 sale $5.88 saved $2.06
7 pack men's briefs reg. $6.97 sale $5.98 saved $1.01
1 package scrapbooking paper reg. $16.97 sale $1.00 saved $15.97
Ruffles 3D chips reg. $2.69 sale $1.90 saved $.79
GV Party Mix reg. $2.19 sale $1.97 saved $.22
12pk Mountain Dew reg. $2.98 sale $2.00 saved $.98
2 12pks Dr.Pepper reg. $2.98 es. sale $2.50 ea. saved $.96 both + $1.00 coupon = $1.96
1 case Diet CF Cola reg. $3.98 sale $3.50 saved $.48

Total Spent $54.75
Total Saved $23.47
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Actually you probably saved a lot more by taking your own snacks and food and NOT buying them along the way or at the park!
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Whew!!! Miss a few days and miss alot!!!!! Here's what you saved since I've been gone for the weekend:
Lady Knight: 58.3% on chicken; 60.1% on biscuts and 55.5% on potatoes

Annaberk:100% and 64.7%
Kneecole 23.4%
Kristenph: 26.1%
Spaggie: 55% and 30.0%
Roxanna: 37.1%; 100% and 100%


Bought a pair of overalls for my nephew's bday in September...reg. 14.99 on sale for 5.00
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Went and did some shopping today!

Kroger = groceries for all 5 of us for a week. Spent $102.45, Saved ... get this ... are you ready ...$89.42 using coupons, sale items and store card!

Thrift store = it was 50% off day today .. Spent $33.27 .. saved $33.27

GO ME!!!!!
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Oh, I HAVE to tell you this. Kroger, here, is having a sale on one gallon milk this week. It is limit 2. However, get this, they are $.99!!!! No, I didn't miss type! Shame that it is a limit of 2! Oh, well, that means I will save enough to get the extra milk I usually have to get for the week. When I find out more in my papers, I will you know.
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