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WOW ... a gallon of milk for $.99 Almost worth the drive for me!!

I thought I had already posted this one .. but I guess not .. bought a new broom at Target paid $2.99 saved $2.00!
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You know, you can freeze milk. Pour about 1-2 cups out of the gallon, put the lid back on and freeze. WHen you are ready to use it, just take it out 1-2 days before you will need it. Put it in the refrigerator, shake occassionally to break up the ice crystals and the milk is good as new!
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Wow I really miss Kroger now!
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Kroger ROCKS man!

haircolor (to do Chase's tips again) paid $4.74, regularly

Tadpoles (new and barely used kids store):
Teletubbies movie paid $3.99, regularly $9.99
Hammer Toy paid $3.99, regularly $11.99
Clothes paid $16.00, regularly $47.94

Total Saved = $50.79 WOW .. I saved more than I spent!!!
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Our Kroger is having such good sales because they just built a new store in town with a gas station. Oh, well. I am benefiting from it! They also have 1/2 gallons of ice cream on sale for $.99. The kids are going to go NUTS!
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1. Eckerd's...sprites...saved $1.32 with employee discount and $3.74 with coupon.

2. Food Lion...4 boxes of tea (kind we drink on B1G1F)...saved $3.40.

3. Eckerd's (not sure if this will count)...because of crappy customer service, I recieved [size=huge]3[/size] rolls of film developed free!! That's $6.99 plus tax (8.25%) minus discount (10%) for each!! And I am getting an unknown amount of certificates to get more developed free.

4. Eckerd's (same reason as above)...they're printing a 5x7 to try and sell you as an add-on at pick up. Well, I got my one free. That's about a dollar or so.

Total with all the pictures: $29.97!!
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Went to Walmart (yet again!).

Bought 2 12 pks DP reg. $2.98 ea sale price 2/$5 + $1 off 2 coupon Saved $1.96

Bought 2 12 pks RC Cola reg. $2.98 ea sale price 2/$5 + 2 $.55 coupons Saved $2.06

Went to Kohl's Dept. store. Pick up 2 pictures for the bathroom
Reg. $16.99 ea sale price $10.16 saved $13.66

Went to new Big Lots that just opened to look around.
5 Spices reg. $1.99 paid $.48 ea saved $7.55
8 pk Cottonelle TP reg. $2.99 sale $.98 saved $2.01
Pot scrubber brush reg. $.99 sale $.79 saved $.20
2 4-pks ponytail holders reg. $1.99 sale $.50 ea saved $2.98
2 pks of spaghetti reg. $.79 ea paid $.39 saved $.80 total
16 oz box of macaroni reg. $.77 paid $.49 saved $.28

Total Spent $38.06
Total Saved $31.50

You guys are inspiring me. I haven't saved this much on things in ages!
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Got 4 packs of 4 rolls of Angel Soft free. 1 Package of 24 Kotex free. 2 half gallons of ice cream for $1.98. 2 gallons of milk for $1.98. 9 Totinos (small ones) for $.99 each. Several Chef Boyardee Ravioli for $.99, makes Hubby happy. Kroger ground beef for $.99 a pound. Getting Honey Bunches of Oats with Strawberries and Suddenly Potato Salad for free with rebates. 4 packages of 12 hamburger buns for $.76. And three packages of skinless, boneless chicken breast for about $8.

Ok, that was all the "great" sales I got this week.
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How should we do this for places like Aldi's? They do not use coupons, but I save a ton by going there! Would anyone mind if I just did a price comparison? For example: the cheapest bread at Wal-mart is $.67 and at Aldi's it is $.39 so by buying it at Aldi's did I save $.28????

Went to Blockbuster and rented a movie. Used my coupon for a free rental..
Spent: $0.00
Saved: $4.25!!!!

Eckerds for Diapers
Spent: $11.99
Saved: $8.98

Walmart for groceries
Spent: $26.02
Saved: $5.21
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Anna, how much did you save?

Meg, that'a what I did for Big Lots. They don't take coupons, but their prices are much lower. I just compared to what I would pay at Walmart (which is where I do most of my shopping).

If that's not correct, just take those amounts out of the total.
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I think that is fair!!

Bought Kale a thinking chair spent $9.99 Saved $20
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Originally posted by Roxanna30135
IBought Kale a thinking chair spent $9.99 Saved $20
BTW, anyone know how to repair those? We have one with a hole on the seam. I can't seem to get the hole fixed. It is a blow up one.
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Aldi's for groceries
Spent: $10.90
Saved: $2.55
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Wolfy, I am sorry if these are repeats. I just couldn't imagine reading through 5 posts a page for 15 pages!!

1. On 6-7-2002: groceries; 120$ budget for food; 10$ for non food; spent 4.01$ nonfood and 87.53$ food; Saved: 18.89 on whole bill with coupons and $13.30 on store card.

2. 6-4-2002: groceries; $100 limit; spent 71.23$ and saved $14.16.

3. 6-16-2002: WIC: $23.51 with milk, juice, eggs, cheese, peanut butter.

4. 6-20-2002: groceries: minimun budget; spent $18.54, saved $6.03 with store card (no coupons)

5. 6-16-2002: Wal*Mart: bought a spool of thread on clearance for 75 cents; a quilting pen for $1.00, a $4.25 paper punch for $1.00, two rubber stamps for 50 cents each.
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Anna .. try putting super glue on the torn spot and holding it closed with tape .. then the tape should remove. We have done this before with floats?!?!?!

Today's finds!!!

Movies (new in package) Buy Two Get One Free
Swamp Thing paid $.99, s/b $4.99
Beetlejuice paid $1.99, s/b $9.99
Sixteen Candles FREE, s/b $9.99
What Lies Beaneath $3.50, s/b $6.99
The Musketeer $4.99, s/b $9.99
Titan AE FREE, s/b $4.99
American Outlaws $2.50, s/b $9.99
Hearts in Atlantis $3.50, s/b $6.99
Life As A House FREE, s/b $9.99

Kneeboards to pull behind the boat barely used in great condition paid $15.00 for both, new $49.99 each

Treadmill (brand new with the plastic still on it .. all paperwork ... and the original price tag of .. get this ... $429.99) paid $50

New bathingsuit from Water, Water Everywhere (BIG CLEARANCE) paid $14.99, s/b $76.99

TOTAL SAVED = $583.41

I am SOOOOO excited about the treadmill .. I've wanted one for years and I've been too cheap to pay for one!!!!
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WTG, Roxanna! Wow, those are some GREAT deals. Where did you find the treadmill? Were the movies at Blockbuster?
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Went to Big Lot again today (going back tomorrow with another friend!) Here is what I found:

Trash can with pop up lid reg.$9.99 sale $5.99 saved $4.00
4 Boxes of race car cookie mix reg. $1.69 sale$.25 saved $1.45 ea = $5.80
Box of fruit snacks reg.$1.99 sale $1.69 Saved $.30
Car charger for cell phone reg.$14.99 sale$5.99 saved$9.00
2 pks spaghetti reg.$79 sale$.39 saved$.40 ea = $.80
Velcro hair bows for Ally reg.$4.99 sale$.50 saved$4.49
Barrettes for me reg.$3.99 sale$.99 saved$3.00

Total Spent $18.26
Total Saved $27.39

Not as good as Roxanna, but I'm not complaining!
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The videos were at a yard sale of this couple who just moved down south and closed their video store. And the treadmill was at their neighbor's house!
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Disney Store ~ having a great 50% off sale. Paid $15.98, saved $16.02

Sears ~ used a 15% off coupon. Paid $22.08, saved $3.90

TOTAL SAVED = $19.92
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Roxanna, you are making the rest of us look really bad with all these great finds of yours! LOL!
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Okay, shopping today and spent WAY more than I budgeted, but I got some really good deals.


2 Ajax dishwashing liquid reg.$83 sale$.63 saved$.40 + 2 $.40 coupons = $.80
2 3 pks cinnamon rolls reg$1.00 sale$.60 saved$.40
6 pks of frozen roast beef reg.$3.76 sale$1.00 saved$16.56
Sandwich bags reg$1.94 sale$.99 saved$.95
Electrosol dishwashing detergent reg.$2.88 sale$1.98 saved$.90 + $.65 coupon = $1.55
4 jars Vlasic pickles reg$1.88 sale$1.00 saved$3.52 + 4 $.75 coupons = $6.52
Angel Soft TP reg.$5.99 sale$4.99 saved$1.00 + $1.00 coupon = $2.00
Purex Laundry Detergent reg$2.97 sale$2.50 saved$.50 + $.65 coupon = $1.15
2 pks sub buns reg.$1.40 sale$.83 saved$1.14
4 pks bacon reg.$1.59 sale$.88 saved$2.84
10 pks sandwich meat reg.$.75 sale$.50 saved$2.50
2 12 pks RC Cola reg.$2.98 sale$2.47 saved$1.02 + 2 $.55 coupons = $2.12

Total spent $138.32
Total saved $38.53

Diamond Shamrock (corner store)
10 12 pks Dr. Pepper reg.$3.99 sale$1.99 saved$20.00 + 5 $1 off 2 coupons = $25.00
2 carton cigarettes reg.$36.99 sale$28.99 saved$16.00
2 sunday papers (cheaper on Sat.) reg.$1.75 sale$1.25 saved$1.00

Total spent $81.06
Total saved $42.00

Randall's (grocery store)
5 lbs hamburger reg.$1.69 lb sale$.99 lb saved$.70 lb = $3.50
2 lbs Green seedless grapes reg.$1.69 lb sale$.88 lb saved$1.62

Total spent $12.06
Total saved $5.12

Total Spent all stores$231.44
Total saved all stores $85.65

I'm over budget for the month, but I got some great deals on stuff I won't have to buy next time. So I guess it will all even out.
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bought a shirt at the aquarium for Matt: saved $1.50 for being members!!
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Went to Kroger today for our weekly groceries. Spent $103.31. Saved $17.96 buying store brand items and saved $41.41 using the store card and coupons. So ....


Then I priced a book stand for my treadmill .. it was $19.99. Came home and made me one with cardboard and a rubberband .. works great so I saved another $19.99!!!!!

to me!
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Target = The kids spent some of their money and we picked up some gifts on clearance for Christmas. Spent $48.68 Saved $6.68

Eckerd = Diapers, wipes and drinks. Spent $25.70 Saved $7.09

Kmart = Shorts on clearance. Spent $52.08 Saved $29.94

Total sved today = $43.71
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Roxanna, you are making us look bad. Do you have some kind of super sale radar? LOL!
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Yep ... I have a SUPER sale radar! No actually, I just know those dark corners at all my local stores where they shove the sale items!!

Stan bought a WONDERFUL home gym for $100 today. The machine is only 2 1/2 years old and in PERFECT condition. The original cost was $399.99 .. so we saved a total today of $299.99

We have been looking for one of these for about 4 years .. and I have refused to buy one new because most people buy it , put it together and then hang clothes on it .. I knew someone would sale one like new eventually!!!
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Victoria's Secret was having a big sale and I needed a holder .... so ... I got two on sale for $9.99 each, paid $19.98, regular price was $38.00 each so ...

TOTAL SAVED = $56.02

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BTW .. just wanted to let everyone know that since I have this board now .. I won't really qualify for this challenge .. but I'm gonna keep posting so that you ladies can see my savings!!

Tara will post the final results for me. The percentages will be posted with the final results!

Thanks ladies .. keep on saving!!
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JCPenney Portraits: saved $2.25 with employee discount.
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Used book store ~
Bought 13 books and a new telephone/address book. spent $29.69 and saved $58.53

Bakery Thrift store ~
Bought three loaves of bread ($059 ea), hotdog buns ($0.69), and snack cakes (3/$1.29). spent $7.26, saved $7.48

Total savings $66.01
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