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Well sure you will Roxanna. It is not like we win anything. It is just a great place to brag. BTW I hope you keep this cause it is soooo much fun!
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Yep .. I'm gonna keep this!!! Heck yea .. do you think I'm . I thought about doing it on a two week basis .. because it gets so long and it is hard to keep up with .. plus if we do it bi-weekly .. the middle of the month you can see how much budget you have left to use?!?

I don't know .. we'll see.

I have an exciting new contest or two up my sleeve .. with prizes!!!
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Went to I-Hop for dinner last night. Spend $5.22, Saved $4.69 BOGOF coupon

Sears ~ bought 6 shirts for 50% off, Spent $30.96, Saved $30.96

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Ok, I did MUCH better today than I usually do. I did pick up some peanut butter at the dollar store for $1.50 a jar (2 jars, creamy and chuncky), bacon bits 2 for $1, and odds and ends, not much really. However, the rest of the major shopping was done at Krogers. Mine was doubling up to $1 and tripling up to $.70. (The latter is a recent development around here. However, VERY COOL! )

First of all, my grocery list before sales and coupons totaled $301.22. I paided $145.12. My receipt said I saved 52%.

Here are some of my deals:

Oscar Mayer Franks (on sale $.99 each)--purchased 2= $1.98
Country Time Lemonade (on sale 2 for $3)--purhased 4= $6
Had 2 coupons for these things together $1 off, doubled.
So, my $7.98 minus $4 = $3.98.

32 oz. Miracle Whip (hubby's favorite, on sale 2 for $3)--purchased 4= $6
Had 2 coupons $.50 off tripled: $6 - $3 = Spent $3 on 4 jars.

Jumbo Huggies Diapers= $9.97
Jumbo Pull-Ups= $9.97
2-80 ct. Huggie Tubs ($2.77 each)= $5.54
Total= $25.48
2 $1.50 off coupons doubled (to $2 each)= $4 off
2 $.50 off coupons tripled (to $1.50 each)= $3 off
Total spent= $18.48

8 Tubes (yes 8, supply was low ) Aquafresh= $12.82
4 $1 off coupons doubled to $2= $8 off
Total spent= $4.82 for 8 tubes of toothpaste

Clariol Herbal Essences Intensive Blends Shampoo and Conditioner:
2 each (2 for $5.88)= $11.76
4 $1 off coupons totaling $8
Spent= $3.76

Herbal Essences Hair Color Kits (4 of them, I know, I know a lot, but I don't have to buy any for a year) $7.99 each= $31.96
4 $5 off coupons= $20 off

Heniz Ketchup was on sale for $.99 at the drug store. However, I noticed them at Kroger for $.79. Picked up two there instead. Better deal, even without a coupon.

I still went to the drug store. I picked up yet another Herbal Essence Hair Color Kit. (I have a rebate for that store to make it free.) I used another $5 off coupon. I spent $3.99. However, you know how those companies do it. I will get back the sale price of $8.99. So, I will actually make $5.

There were a few other deals I picked up while I was at Kroger. However, I can't remember them. I had those written down before I left as I was looking over the sales ads and my coupons.

I did rather well this time, I think.
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Anna .. you are the QUEEN!!!!
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Oh, I just filled out a certificate for Allegra (for Thad really ). We sent in a copy of the pharmacy receipt. We answered a few questions. They will send me $10.

I did one like it yesterday. They are supposed to send me a free disposable camera.
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Just went to Randall's (owned by Safeway), a local grocery store that just bought out most of the Albertson's here in Houston (they pulled out of the Texas market). I don't usually do a whole lot of shopping ther because, although they have some of the highest quality meat and produce around, their prices tend to high too. But they were doing grand opening sales, so we went to check it out. Got some great buys and lots of BOGOF sales. Here are some of the best deals I got:

4 pks Solo cups reg$1.79 sale$.99 saved$.80 ea = $3.20
2 pks Kraft cheese slices reg$3.19 sale$BOGOF saved$3.19
16 pounds of boneless round shake reg$3.69 per lb sale$.89 per pound saved$2.80 per pound = $44.80
2 pks Brach's fruit snacks reg$2.79 sale$2 saved$.79 ea + 2 coupons worth $2.05 = $3.63
2 pks Mother's bag cookies reg$3.09 sale$BOGOF saved$3.09 + 2 coupons worth $2.05 = $5.14
2 Suave shampoo/conditioner reg$1.39 sale$.79 saved$1.20 + 2 coupons worth $1.10 = $2.68
2 bags Remarkable potatoe chips reg$2.49 sale$1.50 saved$1.98
4 btls Kraft BBQ sauce reg$1.39 sale$.99 saved$1.60 + 4 coupons worth $2.20 = $3.80
2 Heinz ketchup reg$1.59 sale$.99 saved$.60 ea + 2 coupons worth $1.20 = $1.80
2 Loreal for kid shampoo reg$3.49 sale$2.50 ea saved$.99 ea + 2 coupons worth $2 = $3.98
3 Lipton Onion soup reg$1.20 sale$.99 saved$.90 + 3 coupons worth $3.15 = $4.05
2 Maries dressing reg$3.49 sale$2.50 saved$.99 ea = $1.98
2 pks Oreo cookies reg$3.69 sale$BOGOF saved$3.69 + 2 coupons worth $1.10 = $4.79
Seedless watermelon reg$4.59 ea sale$1.89 saved$2.70
2 12pks ginger ale reg$ 3.99 ea sale$1.85 es saved$4.28 + 2 coupons worth $2 = $6.28
2 12pks coke reg$3.99 sale$1.85 saved$4.28

Total Spent (after card and coupons) $106.29
Total Saved (with coupons, sales and card) $117.38

WooHoo! Yay, Me! Saved 53%!
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I went to Old Navy and spent
saved $91.70
Shopping Clearance..only helps!!!

Then in the past couple of weeks going to Walmart every week and comping ads and coupons I have spent
saved 46.02..that doesn't include the savings I had with buying walmart brand items!!

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WTG, Karen! Those are some great savings at Old Navy. I love that store!
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grocery store for peanut butter:

Saved $1.39 with store card

Also bought reduced meat: paid $11.60 (regular cost was $24.66, so I saved $13.06)
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Went to Kmart for a few sale items that we already needed .. bought them on sale and used coupons. Spent $21.89, saved $16.10

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Did my weekly grocery shopping for all five of us.

Kroger = spent $105.42, Saved $26.73 using coupons, sale items and store card

Eckerd = spent $45.44, saved $14.62

I went a little over budget, but I plan on taking my own food to the lake on Thursday and I had to buy extra because my nephew will be there and I'm not gonna NOT have extra for him to eat!
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Went shopping payday today and I really needed to shop..the cupboards were bare!

Spent: $6.60
Saved: $7.53

Saved: $14.56

Spent: $61.36
Saved: $19.63

Spent: $23.98
Saved: $23.19

Bakery Thriftstore:
Spent: $5.58
Saved: $4.68

TOTAL SPENT= $132.49
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WOW ... Go Meagan!!!

Went to Kmart today .. Spent $95.12, Saved $52.23
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Oh and watch out cause the commissary is having a case lot sale tomorrow! I hope to have some great deals to brag about!
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OK, I don't have the cell power to pull up the calculator, so help me out, please!!

I bought some groceries, Monday, and some was reduced meat:
7.52....4.97 (5# ground beef)
7.89....5.95 (3# beef stew pieces)
7.83...4.87 (5# bonelwess skinless chicken breast)
9.31....6.21 (about 5 steaks)
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Jennifer, here are your numbers

Total Spent $22.00
Total Saved $10.55

A little over 30%. That's great!
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I really do appreciate that!! Thank you, Brenda.

Now, here's the rest of the shopping trip:

Total spent: $92.86
with BOGO's, I saved $16.70 and $1.05 with coupons. Add that to the meat above and you'll get:

Spent: $92.86
Saved: $28.30
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We call the reduced meat the "Last Gasp" section! I buy as much stuff there as I can. I got some great breakfast steaks there the last time for like $1.50 each - 3 packs, each with 6 steaks. Great for chicken friend steak or sandwiches or soups! Gotta love that section!
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Yipee!!! Sorry, really happy about this one. I really should be posting all of them, but I forget..

Here's todays buy..

Ultimate Direction Gemini Lumbar Pack Normal Price $45.00 plus tax. Did a web search Prayin I could find it cheaper (need it for the walk) and found last years version for $31 plus the website is one of our sponsors so I got a discount, plus free shipping. Total cost $27.01

Buying the equipment needed for this walk is killing my budget!!!
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Great Buy, Heather! I should let you shop for me!
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Went out to do some general errands and found a few really good buys.

Sam's Warehouse
sponge, bucket, 3 full size cleaners for $10
would have cost at least $16 at Walmart, so saved $6
Speedo Bathing suit
Regularly $74 Price $22 Saved $52

Outfit for Ally Reg$10 Sale$5 Saved $5
Wallet Reg$10 Sale$5 Saved$5
2 Poppers Reg$4 Sale$1 Saved$6

Babydoll for Ally Reg$10 Sale$2 Saved$8
4 cans Forumla (they are changing the packaging) Reg$13.99 Sale$9.70 Saved$17.16
Skirt for Ally Reg$12.99 Sale$3.90 Saved$9.09

Total Spent $101.99
Total Saved $108.25

Not too shabby considering I wasn't really looking for sales!
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Today's savings:

groceries: $3.00 with store card
groceries: $32.39 with WIC
pharmacy: $25.29 with insurance

TOTAL: $60.68 (and only spent $6.77!!!)
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Found a recept:

On 6-26-2002 I went grocery shopping. Spent $47.15. Saved 8.37 with MVP card and $2.50 with coupons.

Also, today I stopped by Eckerd's for Caitlyn's meds. They had another 4 12-pack Cokes for $9 with coupon. So, I spent $15.99 on 4 packs of Sprites and a lunch box for Angela for school and a flag sticker (free with coupon). I saved $4.00 with coupons and $2.06 with JCP employee discount.
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Went to Walmart today to pick up ice and hickory chips. Ended up buying too much stuff! Gotta quit taking people with me when I shop!

4 12 pks coke reg$3.98 ea sale$1.59ea saved$9.56
4 can Ranch Beans reg$.50ea sale$.25ea saved$1
2.77# Ribeye steaks reg$16.59 sale$13.57 saved$3.02
3# shrimp reg$6.30#/19.17 sale$4.99#/14.97 saved$4.20

Total Spent $67.47
Total Saved $17.78
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Went to Old Navy again. Bought Allec 2 onsies that were $7.50 a piece got them for $1.97 saved $11.06. Went grocery shopping yesterday and spent $70.50 at walmart and saved $13.40 then went out to eat a pizza hut and they were having buffet kids 12 and under ate FREE and our total came out to $16.54 for buffet and drinks saved $7.50

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Went to the used book store a couple days ago. Bought three books for $3.50. Two are nomally $5.95 each and the other is normally $9.95.
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Jennifer, that would be regularly $21.85. You saved $18.35!

How come I never find buys like that at the book store!?
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THe June4th - July 4th Challenge is officially over!!!! Thanks so much for EVERYBODY that participated. The results will be posted in the next few days!!

Keep your eyes open for the new challenge beginning next week!
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Oooo, I can't wait! Rick laughs at me because everytime I go to the store anymore, as soon as I am done, I come to the computer with my receipt so I can post my savings!
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