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Thor for kids?

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Some people said it's alright to have kids below 13 watch this new Thor movie. I saw the movie myself and I think otherwise.


What do you think? 

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I would love to see it, but I am going to have to wait for video.  Was it any good?  Usually, we let our kids watch until we decide it's too much. If the rating was for coarse language, then we might let someone younger watch it. 

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I have not seen it. I do know of a family that took all 4 of theirs (13, 9, 6 & 4) to see it. Dad enjoyed it - not sure on the kids. 


I don't see movies til they hit TV

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Haven't seen it, and although it looks good we will be waiting till it hits DVD.  As for movies with kids, anything I'm not sure of I watch it myself with my husband before we decide whether or not to let the kids watch it.  They don't always like that (especially my eldest) but I prefer to decide for myself if a movie is okay for them to watch rather than trust someone else's judgement

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Ditto what Heather said.

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I actually like the storyline a lot. Thor's lesson on humility, how he regained his place in his father's throne, his battle against his antagonist brother Loki are I think have been put together really well . Plus they put in some really amazing effects. I think the movie is overall epic!


On the other hand, there are some kissing scenes and some violence that I don't think would be appropriate for children as young as 4 and 6 (sorry DQKaren).


I managed to convince the kids not to watch it on theaters but I'm not exactly sure what's going to happen next when it comes out on DVD pretty soon.  

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It depends on the kind of violence.  I let my kids watch Pirates of the Caribbean, but would never let them watch say Full Metal Jacket.  My main criteria for violence is:  Is there a lot of gore?  Or do people just get shot or stabbed (ie sword fighting) and fall over?  Is it intense, passionate, nearly naked sex or just kissing and innuendo?  My eight year old loves Roger Moore's James Bond movies.  After Roger Moore, they got a lot more violent and sexy.  In fact, she only likes the Roger Moore ones.  She really only likes two - Live and Let Die and View to a Kill.  I know we are a lot more liberal on movies than other people.  We are a lot more likely to be strict on violence than sex. 


We never, ever let them watch horror movies.  We let them watch Bruce Campbell, for example, but not his Evil Dead movies because they are gory.  I know parents who let their kids watch hard core horror.  I wouldn't do that.  I don't even let the kids watch Bones which is my favorite show, because the topics are too adult.  I have let them watch some of the talking parts or parts with the cleaned skeleton, because that show is modeled off of my cousin who is probably the top forensic anthropologist in the world.  Her words not mine and confirmed by the police, FBI, and other professionals in the field.  Since they have met her and like her, so I'd like them to understand she is an important scientist and what she does.  I only let the 8 year old watch.  If it doesn't have a princess, Blue or Dora in it, the four year old won't watch it anyway.

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The movie didn't really have any gory or real bloody scenes except for the stab, spear and blowing up enemies. No there wasn't almost nude "actions" either. 


Hey, that's great to hear your kids appreciate classic james bond movies. I think that's really cool. 


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Unfortunately, an "advanced theologian" said Thor movie can turn your boys into gay. haha

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Well, only the Roger Moore ones.  The new Daniel Craig ones are almost too violent for me.  If thor is as violent as say 13th Warrior, I might not let them watch it.  They think the Batman movies (Micheal Keaton and Christian Bale) are way too scary.  I knew they wouldn't like the Christian Bale ones, but I thought they might like the first Micheal Keaton one.  Nope, they hated it.  I hate it that they've made good ole Batman so scary and mean.  I kind of miss the Adam West days. 


I guess Thor has joined the ranks of Twinkie Winkie.  LOL!

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Originally Posted by Grace View Post

I guess Thor has joined the ranks of Twinkie Winkie.  LOL!

Twinkie winkie in hollywood, haha. I am more concerned about the attitude of the warriors in the 13th warrior than the fighting itself. Oh except for the beheading scenes. lol


The only Daniel Craig movie my family have watched together was the Golden Compass. I will still have to see if that cowboy and aliens movie with harrison ford will be a general patronage rating.


I remember watching Michael Keaton's batman return movie in theater with my 5-year old nephew. Woah, that was long time ago. He was having nightmares about Danny deVito after that. 


I have to agree that the recent Batman movies with Christian Bale were created for more mature audience, absolutely not for kids. 

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Twinkie Winkie was also declared gay by some religious groups.  I think the new Bond movies would have been X rated for violence 20 years ago.  His Bond movies are not at all funny.  James Bond used to be funny.  Well, not anymore now that Cubby Broccoli's daughter took over.  I have watched all the Bond movies dozens of times.  I've watched the making of all the movies many times, but I only watched each of the Daniel Craig ones once and often regretted I couldn't get my two hours back.


Batman Returns gave me nightmares too.  The Penguin was so gross.  I thought they might like the one with the Joker, but they said it was too scary.  They'd probably like the Mr. Freeze one, but I don't like that one. 


What is it with making superhero movies that scare kids?!  I only let my kids watch the first Spiderman.  I rented the Wonder Woman carton for them and she killed somebody who was helpless and tied up in her truth lasso.  Since when did WW do things like that!  They're all going that way.  Now, superhero movies seem to be for geeky guys who can't get a real live girlfriend and are into S&M. 


My kids love superheroes too.  So I let them watch the 70s WW when she was still just good ole WonderBoobs and was actually nice and old Superman movies. 


I like 13th Warrior and my kids have probably seen parts of it, but they are long gone before the "gnawed upon" parts come up. 

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Yeah I remember that time when some people were talking about teletubies portraying gay stuff and it was becoming dangerous for kids to watch the show. I guess these same religious groups were the ones responsible for accusing spongebob (which at some point became my favorite show), barney and jimmy neutron to be pro gay.


Anyway...You are right, the old Sean Connery and Roger Moore James Bond movies have had some humor in it, i.e Richard Kiel's role (I love the scene in the moon raker where he finally turned into a good boy after seeing the love of his life, although it was a little sad to see them dying in the moon)..These Daniel Craig James bond movies do not interest me that much either. I wonder if they would ever push finishing the production of Bond 23 movie. I heard they cancelled that in 2010.


The kids love the the second spiderman movie. The 3rd one was kind of more violent so I said no to that. I would love to see this upcoming spiderman remake without tobey though. Seems like their making a more exciting version of the spiderman movies.


That was really funny when you said "wonderboobs". Never thought about that title. Oh, did you know that they are remaking wonder woman too but it wont be out until 2015  



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I thought everyone called her WonderBoobs.  I read somewhere the new WW show was canceled.  I don't remember the second Spiderman movie that well.  I only own the first one because I found it for like a buck. 


I thought the Timothy Dalton Bond movies sucked, but he's been really good as a bad guy on Chuck.  They should just take Chubby Broccoli's dd out of it.  She's dragging them down with all her bad ideas. 

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