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Still 22!
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I just read about this challenge...I am willing to try it so I am going to start today, even though its a saturday .
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is it too late for me to start because i just seen this post i guess i'll start today even though today is thursday i hope i can do as good as meagan
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Maybe if enough people are interested we could start a new challenge? I have not been doing as great as I did during the challenge.
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I have been drinking 5 to 7 glasses a water a day. I found myself pouring out Diet pop to have water and I carry a water bottle with me everywhere. I am in Meg.
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Hey ladies...last week I did start a new water challenge. There are 3 of so far in it and you ladies are more than welcome to join in. I started it because of your last challenge and you guys motivated me. Hope to hear from people wanting to start the challenge. wendy
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Okay Busy Beaver is there a new thread on this if so let me know and I will look for it. Do I have to call you Busy Beaver can I call you by your real name please. I am such a whiner.
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Annie you can call me Wendy and I started the new thread under this same category...nutrition/weight loss. It is also called water challenge. Glad to be having you join.
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Thanks Wendy.
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