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Dina, Yay!! Good to have you in our little gang! We are drinkin' and and havin' a good time
Wendy, WOW, 64z!! the cheerleader is SO PROUD! It is so good for you AND the wee one.
Meagan/Nicci, I'm right there with you, 64z down already and I'm shootin' for 32 more.

I wonder if Roxanna/Karen and Elaine are still drinkin'. I hope that things are well for you ladies
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I'm looking for a nice big container thingy to take with me cause I stop at drive thrus and get soda (i'm on the go most of the day.) So nope i'm still lingering in la la land of no water. I'm working on it though!
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I have been doing 64oz but not posting!

I did find that it's easier with a big cup. I have a 32oz tupperware cup that I have been using. Yesterday I left about 2oz in the 2nd one of the day. I am halfway thru the 1st one today! We are all doing great!

This is a great challenge, Heather! I'm glad you thought of it!
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Everyone is doing great!!!!!

Yes, I have to say that bigger cups make it easier. Also if you dont' like the flavor try adding something to your water. I am using Cade's idea... I add a splash of lemonade to my water... Not much, just enough to give it a boost.
Yesterday I did 96 again

32oz down... 32 to go... today
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When I leave work I will have done 72 oz or so Go me Go everyone
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Go Nicci!!!

I got in 96 again... I am definitly water logged and I think I am overusing the
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Day three...drank at least 76 oz.
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HI, sorry I didn't post yesterday, but I got all my water in! I had 68oz!! Working on todays, finishing up my first 24 oz
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Okay, I've been kind of slacking And I don't have a clue what I've been drinking in ounces. But today, I'm working on glass number 4, and we're talking big glasses.
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Working on 44 oz here...trying to get another 32 in before I leave work at 3:30
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Wow...I have been soooo busy today, sorry I'm not on every 5 minutes to root you on, but everybody is doing great!! I have had 96z today and I had 96z yesterday (not sure if I posted yesterday or not) Keep up the good work!!
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I have had 56 oz so far and am working on some more!
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Doing good Ladies!!!!

I just finished 64 oz so I made the line today! I will probobaly get in a bit more before bed...
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I have had 72oz again today!!
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I got myself an ounce glass!! So tomorrow, we'll talk ounces on my end! So far today, I've had 8 glasses of water.
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I had 92 oz. yesterday and none so far today.....
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I have had 16 already and am on my way into a meeting.....
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I am just finishing up my first 24oz!! Come on ladies!! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!
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You are all doing great!!!!

I did hit 96 again last night, but my big cup broke

Today I am using a smaller cup I think it's 16oz and on my first glass.
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At almost 70 for the day so far...doing well!!!!!!!!!1 Keep going everyone!!!!! Keep that going!!!!!
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I have had 52 so far and am currently drinking another 24 oz....
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I finished my 72 oz a while ago!!!

Our water bill is going to be sky high LOL
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Day 5: Got at least 76 oz in and today I have had about 16 so far...
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OK where is everyone else?????????

I didn't get it in today.
I had to work and can't otty: at work every 5 minutes. And I won't get it in tomorrow I don't think, but i am going to try. And i was doing so good too.
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I missed it today... I will only be about halfway there

Starting over tomorrow
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Day 6: Last track but I know I had at least 72 oz. None so far today...
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I am having withdrawal symptoms because I have been away from my computer for almost a whole day!!!! Sorry, I've been sooo busy with my family, but I have been drinking water
Yesterday, Saturday, I had 96z and then I stopped sounting, I was up till about 1am and I was drinking water the entire time so, go me!!
Today, Sunday, I feel like dookie! and I have had NO WATER but it is only 1:30 in the afternoon, so I'll try to get at least 64z in! Wish me luck!
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The cup I have been using is 32 oz. not 24 oz. like I thought so I have been drinking A LOT more water than I thought. No wonder I have to so much!

So far today...approx 40 oz of water
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I did really well Friday. I drank two 32 oz. glasses of water at work, and then had some (not sure how much) that evening while we were at the inlaws. Two bottles I think, but I don'tknow how big they were. I actually was so thirsty and drank it so fast that I made myself a little sick. Ugh. But I got plenty of fluid. ha ha.

I didn’t do so well over the weekend. We were busy all weekend, and I think I drank slimfast entirely too much, and I know I didn’t drink enough water, even though I had a coupl of bottles Sunday.

Yesterday I had four 16.9 oz. bottles at work and 2 glasses of water at dinner, so I did OK then. Today, I’ve had two bottles of water and a bottle of juice this morning. I have a sore throat, and I know that the doctor told me the best thing was to hydrate myself, so I’m drinking like it’s going out of style.

I have had NO DIET COKE for over 48 hours!!! I know cutting back on the caffeine has probably not hurt, either.
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Ok Sunday I drank 72 oz. of water at least.

Yesterday I drank 84 oz.

Today I am on my second 24 oz. cup.
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