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The Water Challenge!!!!!!!!!! - Page 4

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I am on glass number 4 of 8
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I am just finishing up my second 24 oz. glass!
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Alright... i got all 8 glasses in.
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I am back on it starting tomorrow morning!!!
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You can do it Shona!!
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I drank 72 oz. yesterday and I have my first 32 oz glass full and ready to go!
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Shame on me! I had 64z on Sunday but 0 ounces on Monday, the day of my surgery. I guess that is probably why.
But today (Tuesday) I am on my first 32z glas!!
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ok, make that tomorrow. I have some reason why I can't do it today, I would just rather not go into detail about them.

But everyone else GO GO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll be back with you all tomorrow.
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Approx 38 oz today and counting!
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Sorry I just kinda bailed I drink lots of water and lots of milk and juice.

right now though this baby wants milk....she must want really strong
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No problem Wendy!!! Give the baby what she wants!

So far today... 0. I know I know.... Finding my cup
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I am on number 3 32oz cup
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Go Meagan!!!

I am on my 5th 8oz cup...
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96 ounces yesterday (10/9) and 64z already today!!! Ooops, enough celebrating, gotta go *picture me doing the potty dance*
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96 oz yesteday and so far today I have had about 40 oz
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Lost track today, I gave blood, so I drank stuff there, plus the extra they asked me to...figure about 90oz today and I am getting ready to leave work!!!!
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Today (Thursday) 128z for me..........WOOHOO!!!!!!!
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Ok gotta do some catching up here. I have been drinking but forgetting to post about it.

Day 11: I had 80+ ounces
Day 12: Drank 3 32oz. glasses!
Day 13: I had at least 80 ozs.
Day 14: So far I have had 64 ozs but I am still drinking.

Anyone else still doing the challenge?
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Yep!! Friday 64z
Saturday...toooooo much soda but 96z of water!!
Sunday.....still to much soda and only 64z of water

I really have to cut out these soda's!!
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With all this water I am now only drink about half as much soda!
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Megan... I am still drinking it!
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Day 15 so far I have had about 16 oz. Been really busy need to start drinking more!
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Good job ladies...keep it up!
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I have had my 64 oz today and I am still dinking!
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Day 16 and 17....I did it but just barely. Got my 64 oz. in and that is it! I am going to try and do so much better today.
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OK I am back with ya ladies starting today!!!!!!!!
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Day 18 64 oz....just barely!
Day 19 back up to 72 oz!!!
Day 20 96 oz of water plus!!!!
and....drum roll please.....

Day 21 72 ounces and I am still drinking!!!!!!

What happened to everyone else????
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OMG.......Meagan!! WTG girl!! What was the date for day 21?? For you!
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Today the 20th!!!!!
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OMG....You go girl!!! I have to get back to it...UGH!!! I'm so bad!
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