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We've all probably read a million times what to do in case of minor burns, but I'm here to tell you that when it's your child, you're likely to forget. I know I did.

This afternoon when I was fixing lunch, Jessica apparently did not believe me when I told her the burners on the stove were hot. So when I turned my back to pour the spaghetti into the strainer, she reached all the way to the back of the stove and touched the back burner which I had just cut off.

So, just in case anyone else is faced with something like this -- just remember to run the burn under cold water. Actually, the cold water felt better to her, so she sat with her hand dipped in a bowl of cold water most of the afternoon. If the skin is actually peeling away, don't even run it under water. Loosely wrap it and seek immediate medical attention.

I had called the doctor's office to ask what type of ointment to put on and was reminded to NOT put any ointment or gel on the wound for at least 24 hours as the cells continue to be damaged for a few hours and ointment will just retain the heat and make the damage worse.

She said that tomorrow I could put an antibiotic ointment and loose dressing on it.

I believe I see a First Aid for Burns article in my near future. I will post the URL when I get it online. Hope no one needs the information, but if you do, I hope that this sticks in the back of your mind -- wish I had remembered this afternoon!