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anyone know about symptoms after ovulation or conception (2-3 days later)??

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I am having some wierd symptoms after I ovulated the other day, I am feeling nauseous, and I had a massive pain in my one ovary--I am unsure if I conceived the other day or what the odds are because his condom slipped off after laying inside of me for a while--it did contain nonoxynol 9--but I had heard that you need an extra backup--is this true???
Thanks for any help!!
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Hi Lolita7 -

Welcome to the boards! I'm not personally familiar with the symptoms of ovulation - I have never noticed anything obvious.

We do have several ladies trying to conceive, so perhaps they can offer better advice. Anyone?
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With my second child, I knew I was pregnant before I even missed my period because I got wierd aches in my breasts. The books say that breast tingling can begin within
a few days after conception.
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I have read alot about this lately and with my first son. I also have some midwife friends.

Personally I knew I was pregnant right away and possitive after a few days. I felt a heaviness in my lower pelvic region, really sore breasts. Although right now I am breastfeeding and not sure if I am pregnant again. Some women get spotting when the egg emplants itself in the uterus. When you are ovulating most women get a clear to cloudy discharge that is almost like hmmm elastic bands it is stringy. That is when to get busy if you are trying

Other symptoms are being tired, really hungary or avoiding food like crazy. Food adversions, upset tummy.

Those come at about 4 weeks and on.

Hope those help otherwise you go to your doctor for a blood test they know right away or wait until the day your period is supposed to turn up and take a home pregnancy test.

Oh and this is silly but it worked for me listen to your dreams. I dreamt about a baby the night we got pregnant and it was true and for weeks afterwords and then we found out for sure.

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Do you know what cycle day you were on when you had intercourse and which day you ovulated? Remember, sperm can only live in an ideal environment (meaning assuming that cervical fluid was favorable) no more than 5 days (and probably closer to 3-4 for most), so if your "accident" was more than 5 days before you suspect you ovulated, you don't have much to worry about. Also, remember that, even under the most favorable conditions (timing, physical conditions, etc.), we have much less than a 50% chance of conceiving each month, so try not to worry.

The pain you describe sounds more like ovulatory pain than early PG symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms don't being to appear until after implantation has occurred (generally 5-10 days after ovulation) and it's the production of the hCG hormone (which only occurs AFTER implantation) that causes symptoms. Some women begin feeling mild symptoms (nausea, fatique, food aversion, etc.) immediately after implantation, some not until weeks later. Ovulatory symptoms can very closely mimic pre-menstrual symptoms (mild cramping, breast swelling, etc.) for some.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do at this point but wait it out. If your period is late, and you're sure you ovulated on time this month (i.e. not late...late periods are actually a result of late ovulation), take a pregnancy test for some peace of mind. Until then, try to relax and not worry too much!

Hope that helps!

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I have been trying for months to concieve, I have four children with my first husband. I have been divorced for years and have remarried. I am 30, my new husband is 45. He has no children, and I had medical problems so I am unsure if we will be able to concieve. Acording to ALL the symptoms, (cervical fluid, position, BBT, calander) I ovulated sometime thursday. We had made love for 4 consecutive days up untill then. Friday evening I noticed a sensation a few inches above my navel that for lack of better explanation felt like something sharp or scratchy moveing in my intestines or stomach. It occured to me that I had that exact same sensation while a day or two pregnant with my last child three years ago. I had concieved him the same week me and hubby number one had gone to the beach fishing, and distinctly remember feeling it and thinking perhaps I had gotten sand in my drink can or something. Has anyone else ever had anything, or heard of anything similar? Is it possible that my falopian tubes are somewhat restricted, and the fertilized egg causes discomfort? I am one who can feel the egg release each month by a slight cramping on the side of release...could I just be overly sensative to the egg?
Lolita7: Not sure if it helps, but if this is more than wierd coincidence, then it is possible to have some symptoms right away...after all it is upon fertilization that the body shifts in to gear and starts releasing hormones and makeing preperations for the impending pregnancy.
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Perhaps you're feeling the egg implant? I remember being told that it is possible to sometimes feel it.

Here's hoping it is!
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I being slightly not wanting to believe that I was pregnant, had very sharp pains, which I seriously thought that were mestrual cramps right around a few days after I was supposed to have my period.. I told the doctor this and I asked- OK.. I told him I knew something was wrong.. he told me I probably more than likely felt the egg implay into my uterus. He said is is really rare, but since I hadn't had a period then thats what it had to have been.

I'm watchin' out next time I feel this! LOL
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The odd thing is the first time I felt it I was approximatly 3 days pregnant. This time I also could be no more than 2 or three days along. Im trying not to get my hopes up, but it would be an extreamly odd coincidence since I have never before had this except that one time. I read that implantation takes 6 to 11 days?????
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