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Good news, and better news!!

DH and I had a discussion last night about TTC. To make a long story short, we have decided that we will try again, but not right away.
We're going to wait until February.

I have a date to start to TTC!!
I'm SO excited about it. It will be six months after Madeline was born.

I'm excited, but also a bit worried--what if I don't get pregnant as easily as I did with Maddie? What if I want to chicken out? What if, what if, what if?

I could drive myself nuts like this, but now, I have something to look forward to, instead of looking backward.

So. Who wants to help me chart? LOL
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I'll help you! I know you're worried, but just trust that everything will turn out ok. You have someone MIGHTY watching over you. I was worried too, but He looked on us and now my blessing is turning TWO! It will work out!
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Amy, I know it's rough with all the what ifs running thru your mind. I concieved and delieved Angela on the EDD of my first child. (I haven't even name her/him yet.) The one year anniversary of the EDD. I am here, too, to help you. And actually, it's taking me longer to concieve my forth child (fifth pregnancy) than any of the other kids.

to you and Matt.
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I got pregnant with Madeline my first cycle trying, because I had a pretty good idea of when I ovulated and stuff. I didn't chart anything.

This time, I really want it to work, too. And it appears that my cycles are pretty much the same as they were before I got pregnant with Madeline, even the same calendar dates.

So. As a general idea, should I chart? Should I not waste my time? Should I just go with it? Should I stop worrying so darn much?

I honestly think we should start TTC now in case it takes a few months. you know, practicing and all..

And no, this baby will not be a replacement for Madeline--I'm tired of looking backwards and I want to look forward to something. I don't know if I'm ready for a rollercoaster, though.. I want it to be EASY! LOL I know better, though.
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I am so glad that you all set a date to start ttc again. for you
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I am glad too. And you know they say practice makes perfect!
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I am very happy for you Hisey!
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